How to save money on a cell phone bill

save money on a cell phone bill

Chances are you are one of the 97% of Americans who own a cell phone. If that is the case, you might notice that the price of our cell phone bill continues to go up. How can we make sure our cell phone bill is reasonable while still making the whole family happy?  Find out our favorite ways to save money on a cell phone bill!

How much is the average phone bill?

There are quite a few options for your cell phone bill that impact the price. According to JD Power, the average cell phone bill is approximately $144 per month. There are single-line plans that average about $70. Some popular cell phone companies can cost about $200 per month for unlimited data. In some cases, this does not include aspects like device charges or insurance. A few different factors can change your monthly bill cost, but these values are ballpark numbers.  

Does a good credit score save me money on my cell phone bill?

Your credit can play a role in your monthly bill. When opening a cell phone plan there is typically a credit check. Sometimes a lower credit score can require a deposit that is usually paid over twelve months, causing your phone bill to be higher. There is also the possibility that you are required to pay a higher monthly cost for a new phone due to a lower credit score. 

6 tips to save money on your cell phone bill

Your phone bill is an expense, but it does not need to be an expensive one. Here are some tips for a lower bill. 

Go paperless and autopay

All major phone carriers offer an option for paperless and autopay discounts. This is a great way to save some money and ensure that your bill is paid on time every month. Typically the discount is about $10 per month. There are different requirements to qualify for this discount so make sure you check with your carrier about stipulations. 

Use less data

Even though your phone is your constant connection to just about everything, you might want to assess how much data you actually need. Lowering your data usage could save you a lot of money. This means connecting to Wi-Fi whenever it’s possible or even cutting out apps that use a large amount of data. However, make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi. Overage charges can be just as expensive. 

Lower your data limit

Once you are able to limit your data usage, this is a great time to assess how much your family really needs each month. Maybe unlimited is no longer the best plan for your family. 

These plans tend to be pricey so cutting this out could save you some serious money. Check your bills from the last few months, average your consumption, and find a plan that reflects how much you actually need. Again, be sure to monitor your usage to avoid being charged the cost of the overage. 

Contact your carrier

Sometimes you can simply contact your carrier to see if there is anything they can do to get the price of your bill down. There might be a promotion or even discounts that you qualify for unknowingly. You might be surprised by the savings! 

Switch carriers

The great thing about cell phone carriers is that there are many options. More often than not, there is a promotion for switching to a different carrier. Shop around and look at the options that are best for you. If it makes sense, consider moving to another cell phone company. Take advantage of the deals and a potentially lower bill. 

Alternative carriers

Similar to reassessing your data plan, you might want to consider alternate carriers that offer even cheaper plans. Prepaid carriers, or non-contract plans, can offer little to no data or a limited number of text messages per month, but if you aren’t using the features then it could be beneficial to consider. 

Sometimes these plans also give you the freedom to decide how much or little you want to use your cell phone on a month-to-month basis. Your phone might not offer all of the bells and whistles of a more standard plan, but what if you don’t need them anyway? 

Need vs want

A huge part of getting your cell phone to be lower is determining what features you actually need for your plan. If you need unlimited or the newest phone, your bill might be on the higher side. If you want all these things but need your bill to be lower, it might be time to reassess. 

Cell phones are a huge part of our day to day so it is important that we budget them properly into our finances and do so without breaking the bank. 


Do family plans save money?

Family plans can be a money saver when there are multiple lines. Instead of paying several bills, they are all together in one place and this can help with cutting some costs.

Is it cheaper to have a family cell phone plan?

In most cases, it is cheaper to have a family plan but make sure your family is actually using the features of the plan. But, if there is a constant data or text message user causing overages, they might need to be booted from the plan.

How much is the average family cell phone bill?

The average family cell phone bill is about $144 per month.

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