Small ways to save big


Did you know that 64 percent of people in the U.S. live paycheck to paycheck? And compared to their male counterparts, only 31% of women have saved money by the time they retire. Boy, do we hate to hear it. So we’re coming in hot with ways to help you live your best life within your means and without the pressure.

  1. You’ve got to get real with yourself to get right with your wallet. 
    Look at your spending from the last 3 to 6 months. What are your bad money habits and how can you break ‘em? What new habits can you make instead? Check yourself and help enhance your financial health using personalized focus areas with MoneyLion GamePlan. It’s an easy, personalized action plan to chip away at your long-term goals each day. With real goals set by you and tasks created by us, you can have the tools you need to help build, grow, and control your money.
  2. Learn hacks to help save (and grow) your wallet.
    Start with everyday expenses. Drivers, you could yourselves earn up to 40% off from top insurance providers with safe driving habits*. Help trim your bills with MoneyLion and partners right in the app. Saving hacks are everywhere, but here’s a few of our favorites:
    • Call your cable (and other providers) to ask about plans that could save you money. If they can’t help, consider telling them you want to cancel. If you sing the right tune you could save yourself and your wallet in the long run.
    • Ask for a raincheck on sale items. If a retailer advertises a product they’re out of, you could be eligible for a voucher that verifies you came in to buy what was advertised but it’s not available. And this gets you that product at the sale price when the store gets it back in stock.
    • Check your medical bills and ask to have them itemized because, like anything, there can be errors. You don’t need an extra zero on the end of an already hefty charge while you’re healing too. Ask about waivers, discounts, or relief plans to help.
  3. Stack up perks and stack those bills with rewards and more.
    Shop where the cashback deals are! And the money you get back just for shopping could save you on future trips, like up to 5% cashback on hotel bookings, up to 10% back on eyeglasses and up to 31% on food delivered to you with MoneyLion Rewards. Or… imagine earning up to $500 just by shaking your phone when you spend $10 or more. Guess what? You can with MoneyLion Shake n’ Bank. MoneyLion account holders can get access to sign up for rewards of all kinds. Download the app to learn more.
  4. Live your best life within your means without settling.
    Learn how with our playlists Best Friend Financial and Bougie on a Budget. Watch, learn, and take your financial power back in style with tips for budgeting and savvy shopping.

    Learn tips on how to feel and be your best self while saving smart and big.

Take care of future you by learning how to money better with MoneyLion. From money tracking and advice to mobile finances with serious benefits. Download the app and check out our playlists like Bougie on a Budget and Money Saving Hacks for more ways to help save big without settling for less. There’s plenty more where this came from.

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