14 spring decorating ideas

spring decorating ideas

Doesn’t everything feel new in the spring? Just like nature, you want your house to bloom for spring. There are some easy spring decorating ideas that you can incorporate right now in your home. Spring home decor doesn’t have to be complicated. 

When should you start decorating for spring?

Spring is a mindset– at least inside your home. You can usher in spring decorating with the first sign of better weather. Or why not do it a little earlier to try to push away those winter blues? 

Decluttering is the new decorating

Decorating can mean adding more Feng Shui to the house. Start with decluttering, deep cleaning, donating, reorganizing, and minimizing your home. You will be surprised how much your house will feel different when you go through some spring cleaning. 

14 fun ways to update your space for spring

Here are 14 ways to decorate for spring in your home. They’re so simple that you can try a few of these ideas out today! 

Start with a spring cleaning

Did you know 78% of Americans spring clean each year? It’s a spring tradition that everyone can do. Taking some time to go through your space and get rid of anything you no longer want or need can help create fresh new energy. Even clearing out one closet can feel like a fresh start. 

Sprinkle in bright colors

Look around your house at accessories that you may have out. Consider switching out some darker elements for bright colors. Start with your living room decor: sprinkle bright colors with accent elements like pillows, candles, and wreaths. Simple changes like this can bring new life to a space you’re in all the time. 

Add floral 

Flowers may not be blooming yet where you live, but you can still add floral elements to your home. Next time you’re at Trader Joe’s or the grocery store, buy some cheap flowers for yourself. When paired with a nice vase, these everyday flowers can shine. If you’re allergic, try some faux florals for a similar effect. 

Throw in light fabrics

It’s time to switch out your flannel sheets for some lighter cotton ones. Switch out throw blankets in your living room as well. The feeling of more lightweight fabrics can bring a different feel to every room. You will also notice how the change helps you sleep as soon as temperatures drop. 

Use greenery 

It’s so easy to bring the outdoors in by using greenery. Clip a few branches from your yard and place them in a vase filled with water. These clippings last a week or two indoors. In the spring, you have the added benefit of having access to the greenery that is about to bloom. Pick branches with buds to have clippings with flowers inside your home. If your climate doesn’t support this, you can always supplement with fake plants as well. 

Spice up your paint

If you want to swap out your paint, spring can be a great time to add in new colors. Bring a fresh new look to your space with this quick project. Painting can have a significant effect on your home. Be on the lookout for coupons to your local home improvement store. 

Change out throw pillows

Changing out throw pillows can help you add color and a spring feel to your space. Because this can get costly, choose one area each year to spruce up, like a balcony or patio. These simple changes can reinvigorate a room you may have forgotten about over the winter. 

Update your scents

This is simple! Change the scents around your home to embrace spring. Lavender, lemon, herbs, and floral aromas work for spring. Next time you buy candles or essential oils, consider a change. 

Use baskets to reduce clutter

We don’t mind clutter in winter because we love to feel a little cozier. But in spring, it feels better to feel more space by reducing clutter. Using baskets to reduce clutter will help you feel like your space is more open. Add just one to your spring living room decor to see the effect it can have on your room. 

Give new life to your patio decor

Update your patio furniture to prepare for nice weather to give new life to old furniture. This is the perfect time to spray off or paint something old on your porch to get ready for glorious spring days outside. 

Switch your art

It’s simple to switch your art for spring. You can use frames already hanging on your wall and switch out the prints. You can order new prints on the cheap online. You can also update family photos you take outside in the warmer weather. Either way, it’s an affordable and simple way to change the feeling of your home. 

Spruce up your tableware

Change out your tableware to prepare for spring gatherings. It’s simple to change table cloths, place settings, and table decor for spring. If you’re planning to host some get-togethers soon, this is a simple way to make your house feel more like spring. 

New shower curtains

It’s the perfect time to change out your shower curtain. After a while, the shower curtain can get gross. It’s time for a fresh start in the bathroom. You can bring in more spring colors with a new shower curtain. 

Swap out your doormat

It’s also a great time to replace your doormat. Throw out that faded, worn-out doormat, and replace it with a more welcoming option for spring!

Change up your furniture

There are many ways to change up your furniture. The cheapest way is to try out a new arrangement. All you have to do is move your furniture around. But you can also benefit from other people’s spring cleaning. Spring is the perfect time to hit up garage sales and look through Facebook Marketplace. 

Simplify your life this spring

It’s never too soon to make a change in your home and your life. When you’re looking for some renewal this spring, try out a few simple changes, and you will be surprised at the impact these modifications can have. 


How do I refresh my house for spring?

Start with a deep clean and declutter session to start fresh.

How do I make my room feel like spring?

After doing a deep clean, bring in some fresh greenery.

When should you start decorating for spring?

Start today! Begin with a clean slate by decluttering and cleaning your home.

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