Three ways to beat winter’s top stressors

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It’s that time of year, and three of the biggest holiday stressors are here: Expectations. Expenses. And, um… all that eating.

Even though it’s supposed to be a happy season, it can bring a lot of stress too. Everywhere you look, you’re bombarded with scenes of holiday extravagance and happy faces on magazine covers and ads. Pressure to spend, spend, spend can get out of control. And frequent social obligations and shorter days can lead to tiredness and even weight gain.

Here are 3 pieces of easy wisdom that can help you reduce holiday stress AND get ahead financially — starting now.

  1. Embrace imperfection.
    Let yourself off the hook from feeling like you need to create a picture-perfect holiday. This year, don’t overdo it. Just buy some string lights, holiday scented candles, or a silly holiday pillow. Then put on a Pandora holiday mix and enjoy quality time with friends and family.

  2. Be more active.
    As the famous fitness saying goes, “Just do it.” Don’t wait until after the holidays. Just get off your couch and go to the gym, to the park, outside — anywhere you can move. A stress-relieving activity session is minutes away. Twist a friend’s arm… errr… show a friend how awesome being healthier is going to be. Get stronger together.

  3. Take control of your money.
    This one is easier than a gym membership — and it’s great for your financial health. Become a MoneyLion Plus member to get access to a $500 5.99% APR loan whenever you need it (with no need to reapply and good credit not required) and regular savings into a managed investment account.

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