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In honor of Mothers Day, we launched a MoneyLion Moms giveaway that encouraged moms who are MoneyLion customers to share their experiences with our app and how it shaped their lives. Their stories were so powerful, many MoneyLion employees were brought to tears when they read them. It’s one thing to develop financial products that help millions of Americans. It’s another thing to discover how our hard work has literally saved lives. Check out a few of those heartwarming stories below. . We removed the names and pasted the unedited versions to inspire you.

Moms that Roar!

  1. Money lion save my daughter and I from being homeless when no one else will help
  2. Money lion is helping me catch up and support my son and sister (and now kitties!) after the loss of our father. Thank you Money lion! :heart::heart::heart:
  3. When I started using MoneyLion I had just gotten out of an abusive relationship and hadn’t had the finances to leave. After building the courage to ask for help, I moved in with my mom until I could get on my feet again. I started working 12-14 hours a day 7 days a week, saving my money, using MoneyLion investment and loans to build my credit. Today I have my own place, have increased my credit by nearly 200 points, and am the most financially stable I have ever been in my life. MoneyLion has helped me build a future for myself when I couldn’t see one, and helped me build a future for my four year old son as a single mother!
  4. In 2017, my world became shattered. Unbeknownst to me at the time, my daughter and I would have to live in a shelter. On this particular day of realization, I cried like a baby because I had nothing and no way of stopping it! No help, no one!This is not news that anyone ever expects to hear. And it’s definitely not something anyone prepares for in advance. I felt as though I let my 8 year old daughter down completely. Thank God for MoneyLion because in that moment the $500 helped me get somewhat on my feet to try to obtain better and more! If I didn’t have this source, not sure where I would of been!!
  5. When I first started with MoneyLion I was in bad shape financially. I couldn’t get any loans or assistance except payday loans:scream: and credit was sad :cry:. I was looking for something to help me give my credit a boost and possibly a loan and found MoneyLion reading a article on #pennypincher. I’m glad I did it, it was so simple and the boost I got on my credit helped me buy a car that I was in need of and the loan helped me off some small debts which also boost my credit score. Thank you MoneyLion:clap::skin-tone-3::clap::skin-tone-3:
  6. My financial journey with MoneyLion has helped me tremendously! I was a stay at home mother for 7 years, and was never able to save money for myself or be able to have extra cash on hand, but because of MoneyLion all that has changed! I have extra cash to spend on my five kids on the weekends! I get to enjoy many little things and make new memories, and more importantly I feel proud of myself from being in a relationship depending on someone to being able to do it on my own, with MoneyLion and with a full time Job! I absolutely am thankful and I appreciate this app so much!
  7. Without MoneyLion instacash, I’m not sure how I would have been able to get through the financial hardships that came with the pandemic as a single income/single mom of 3 active children! I was able to stay on top of my credit, credit education, ability to invest to increase my wealth, direct deposit, early paydays, reduce subscriptions I completely forgot or didn’t know I had, link my other bank accounts & credit card in one spot for spending tracking and so much more :grin: . I was also able to reduce my car insurance and the opportunity to repair my credit with Dovly. I can’t wait for the MLCredit card to become available and I’m sure much more is in the works. Even if I don’t win, I’m excited to share my experience with others- MoneyLion is a MUST HAVE! :100::100:
  8. love money lion being a mother of 4 kids one kid a cancer patient! with all his meds it gets costly! I was so stressed running out of money for his meds and than boom I got connected with money lion and best believe it has been a life saver sis!! thank you moneylion I would give you 10 stars if I could! my favorite app hands down :two_hearts::purple_heart::two_hearts::purple_heart:
  9. MoneyLion is the best mobile banking app I have used. Before finding MoneyLion, I tried similar apps, but not one of them can do what MoneyLion does. Being a wife, Mom of 3 and entrepreneur, life gets pretty hectic. I don’t have time to waste on checking my accounts. MoneyLion tracks all my spending, I can connect all of my accounts and track all my spending in one place. They offer money saving tips along with investment advice, credit building etc. The Instacash feature is my personal favorite, it has helped me a few times when I was in a pinch. Pay day was a few days a way and I needed access to my funds. It was simple to apply got approved in a matter of minutes and funds were available immediately. No hoops to jump through, no credit checks, no huge pay back fees. Just my own money advanced to me strait from my pay check. Thank you MoneyLion, your app is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone.
  10. Life changer after the loss if my husband.They gave me a chance when no one else would.They stand behind you all the way, once you’ve proved the repayment, they increased your limits. They let me know I am worthy.They also give you money on all purchases you make and you invest that in stock, another way to build your money.Evan a bank Iv been with for over 12 years wouldn’t help and of course MoneyLion stepped in and I regained my confidence, while being on my own. Thank you Money Lion for the opportunity.
  11. Money lion has saved me from having my utilities shut off at times because it has the insta cash feature, its helped me keep my family from starving with the loan feature, without the money lion app or its features mine and my childrens situation could of been far worse. I thankful for money lion saving my life!!! Great features and the low fees are also very important way to go money lion for giving my piece of mind back and allowing me to provide for my family i can always count on moneylion
  12. Money lion helped my wife and I manage getting married and the broth of our daughter together. With their great investment tools we were able to grow out investment account 29% in one year. MONEY LION MADE OUR GOAL OF BECOMING DEBT FREE POSSIBLE.
  13. Started using moneylion to get a loan to start my business and have been banking with you guys ever since! I’ve also started investing with this app, been able to build my credit, I also love the fact that I can borrow money before payday! I’m so in love with this app and all it’s features!! (As you guys can see I use them all lol)
  14. MoneyLion has truly changed my life for the better, I’m able to live comfortably with my 2 year old knowing that if I get into a financial bind that money lion has my back. That App is so simple from instacash to investing and even building your credit. I highly recommend then to anyone who is struggling or trying to build credit.

MoneyLion Mom winner on Cheddar

We featured our MoneyLion Mom winner on a live Cheddars Interview with our COO Samantha Roady . Watch that video below:

Our key takeaway: We all go through hardships and a financial safety net like MoneyLion could help turn things around . It’s an honor to help improve our customers’ lives, and we look forward to being there for them every step of the way.

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