Financial Planning For Women to Achieve Independence

Women's month

Financial independence? Sounds fancy, but listen up: it’s not some exclusive club for the privileged few. It’s about feeling confident and secure with your cash, doing what YOU want, and ditching the money stress. Achieving financial independence opens up your options of choice and more importantly freedom. At MoneyLion, we believe every woman deserves that power. With the right tools and support, you’ll be living the life you want without having to rely on anyone else.

Invest in Yourself

Whether you’re beginning with a small amount or a substantial sum, it’s never too early to get started. The more time you have IN an investment, the more money you could get OUT of it. If you’re looking for a few options, MoneyLion’s Managed Investment account lets you start for as little as $1* and you can tailor your investment goals and level of risk through a few simple questions.

With a MoneyLion WOW membership, you can also try our Active Investment account1 which puts you in the driver seat of your investments, allowing you to make choices that align with your goals.

Boost Your Financial IQ

We’ve all heard knowledge is power, but knowledge is also money. That’s why MoneyLion offers curated and eye-opening content on everything money—covering topics from Real Estate and budgeting to the truth about taxes and much more.

You can also check our new series Know Money where we break down some tough money topics and their impact on your everyday life. Because the more you know, the more your money can grow.

Find a Money Mentor

Independence is great, but finding financial mentors can be instrumental in guiding your financial journey. Connecting with other successful women within your community can help guide, advance, and inspire you.

MoneyLion is all about sharing the wealth in our community—you can hear stories and learn from other women to gain valuable insights to help you navigate your financial journey with confidence in the MoneyLion app.

Close the Gap

So, we all know there’s a bit of a wage gap when it comes to men and women in the workforce. But there are also ways you can give yourself a pay bump. Do you love photography? Maybe you’re a writer at heart, or if you’re a star on camera and enjoy making videos…there’s a side hustle for you! You might even have a hidden talent that’s waiting for you to cash in on.

The gig economy is thriving like never before, offering a ton of opportunities to help boost your earnings. Plus, MoneyLion pulls from some of the top-tier fin-influencers to guide and help you along the way. If you’re looking for some tips right now, you can check out our side hustle blog.

Set SMART Goals

When it comes to goal setting, many say shoot for the stars, but with your finances—crushing realistic goals can actually be more motivating. Picture this: finally taking that trip to the Maldives you’ve been saving for, or purchasing your first dream home.

That’s why Moneylion offers budgeting tools to help you set specific, achievable goals to track your progress and keep you inspired. Besides, who needs stardust when you can make it rain?

Give Yourself Credit

Similar to social media, your credit score acts as the lens through which the financial world perceives you. By actively improving your score, you can help get greater recognition from creditors. Discover the ins and outs of credit by keeping an eye on what impacts your score with MoneyLion’s FREE Credit Monitoring. It’s time to start taking control of how the financial world views you.

Plan for Tomorrow

You work hard for your money, but is your money working hard for you? Make long-term financial planning a priority, including building retirement savings and emergency funds. Choosing from these high-yield savings accounts could help you grow your savings at 10x-12x2 higher than the national average savings account. It’s your future, so build it with confidence.

Celebrate Your Wins

Okay, so some of your goals might seem far off. But the point is you’re making strides to get there. Getting your financial situation on track is no easy task and takes dedication. So, acknowledge and celebrate your financial achievements, big or small. It’s your journey, and you deserve to recognize your progress!

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