Ways to up your take-home pay

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You know what they say, more money–no problems. Well, maybe that’s what women would say if they got paid the same. Look, we all know women make less than men. As of last year’s census, the uncontrolled pay gap was 82 cents per dollar… You read that right. 

The gender wage gap is real. And we’re here to help you do more than just deal with it, with tips on how to make more money right now.

First, let’s talk career. To make waves in your career that will up your take-home pay, you can negotiate and move (or move on). We’ll break down for you:

  1. Negotiate: If you’re looking for a job, approach salary as a conversation and make the company make you an offer first. Their starting point can give you leverage you need to get the paycheck you want. If you have a job but feel you deserve a raise–ask for it! But research first. Provide a number you feel is fair and consider adding some margin on top for negotiation, and then stand by it. Let them make the next move (even if there’s an awkward silence in the room). It could be your golden ticket to the outcome you want. 
  2. Move or Move on: If you’re not getting what you deserve, go after it. You could land a bigger pay day with a lateral move to a different role at the same company–up to 10% more. And if all else fails, consider moving on. Studies show that people who change jobs every 1-2 years earn 14.3% more than those who don’t. 

And don’t sleep on benefits! Benefits are a great way to get serious rewards that can help you earn or save more money, like in home office and wellness stipends or or laundry service and free meals. Money talks, but so do perks when they’re lowering your monthly bills. Find ways to level up your 9-5 right in the MoneyLion app.

Next, think beyond your 9-5. Turn your passion into a hobby that pays. Literally. You could even become a professional friend. (Yep, it’s a thing. Look it up.) 

Here are some side hustles to check out right now:

  • Like to write? Flex your skills as a freelancer! Copyediting can earn you up to $20K per year–and from the comfort of your own home.
  • Do you drive? Bike? Moonlight for a rideshare or delivery app and earn a second salary on the side–up to $45K.

Side hustles are a great way to get extra cash. And they could even become a second stream of regular income. 

Check out the MoneyLion app for more ways to do more with your money right now. You can even get access to playlists on careers and side hustles. It’s time to grow your dough. Start now.

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