What is Dun and Bradstreet?

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What is dun and bradstreet

Dun and Bradstreet is an American-based company that offers numerous products and services to help assess things pertaining to risk, business analytics, and sales. Dun and Bradstreet have business records of over 400 million businesses, also known as the DnB database. The DnB database helps provide information about small businesses, which is important when inquiring about your creditworthiness. Essentially, if you own or are interested in starting your own small business, Dun and Bradstreet is a vital part of determining your business’s success. 

What does Dun and Bradstreet do?

If you work in the business world or deal with the financials of a business, it’s safe to say you’ve heard of Dun and Bradstreet, D&B, or even a Dnb report. D&B provides businesses with proprietary software, data, and analytics to help businesses achieve their marketing and sales goals. Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies rely on Dun and Bradstreet for data that helps their business remain competitive. D&B also helps with risk assessment.

Knowing your business risks can help save money, time, and resources while ensuring that you garner your success or remain successful. Having access to your Dnb report as well as other business reports can help you recognize the strengths of your business, as well as areas of opportunity. 

What is Dun and Bradstreet used for?

Some companies, such as government agencies, must work with Dun and Bradstreet, while others can choose to use their services. You might be wondering why you would need to use their services. When you decide to begin services, you will receive a DUNS (data universal numbering system) number, which is a significant benefit on its own. This number is associated with all the essential information about your business; the DUNS number will discuss this later. In addition to establishing a DUNS number, D&B also collects necessary data and analytics about your business and others and consumer data.

The data analytics Dun and Bradstreet acquires can provide insightful information to make informed decisions about your business, next steps, and even other companies. For example, imagine you are considering partnering with a business; the benefits of D&B allow you to review their business analytics to help determine if the partnership benefits both of you. Keep in mind that having Duns and Bradstreet access means that other businesses can also review your information.  

What is a D&B Number?

As mentioned before, when you receive D&B services, you are assigned a D&B number, also known as a DUNS number. This number system has been around since 1963, but it was only a seven-digit number back then. The DUNS number is now a nine-digit number unique to your business; this is different from an EIN. This number is specific to Dun and Bradstreet and identifies your business credit file, your business demographic information, and the financial health indicators of your business.

Financial health indicators include information such as risks, ratings, and scores. One great feature is that while you can access your information, you can also access the information of other businesses using their DUNS number. 

History of Dun and Bradstreet

Dun and Bradstreet has been around for quite some time, as far back as 1841, with the Mercantile Agency. In 1859, Benjamin Douglass incorporated the company under a new name. R.G Dun and Company was incorporated when Robert Graham Dun purchased the company. In 1849, while this was happening in New York City with Dun, John M Bradstreet formed the Bradstreet Company in Ohio. They later moved to New York in 1855. 

In 1933, Dun and Co, R.G Dun and Company changed their name, and in 1931Bradstreet merged. The merger brought along another name change to R.G Dun-Bradstreet. In 1963, the DUNS number system was introduced. Fast forward to 2001, R.G Dun-Bradstreet officially changed its name to D&B. Dun and Bradstreet, or D&B, is now a well-known player in the business world having clients in multiple industries worldwide. In July 2020 Dun and Bradstreet launched their IPO (initial public offering) to become a publicly traded company. 

It’s all in the details 

Dun and Bradstreet have been around for a long time, making a name for themselves as the go-to for small business information. They are connected with the necessary details to help businesses make better-informed business decisions, risk assessments, and marketing choices. These details help allow businesses to be successful. Dun and Bradstreet can confidently say that their strategies work because about 90% of Fortune 500 businesses are their clients. So if you are a small business or looking to acquire a small business, it might be worth considering Dun and Bradstreet to help your success. 


What is Dun & Bradstreet known for providing?

Dun and Bradstreet are known for providing businesses with insights to help them succeed.

What is a Bradstreet number?

A Bradstreet number is also known as a DUNS number. This unique nine-digit number helps identify your business’s risks, success, and business data and analytics performed by D&B.

What is the meaning behind Dun & Bradstreet?

Dun and Bradstreet are two of the originators of the business. They have maintained their mark on the business by using their last names in the business name.

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