Why Same Day Funding is so awesome

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  • Unexpected things happen and sometimes you need money fast
  • Apply for a loan using the MoneyLion app and you could get funds in your account that same day

Let’s say your car breaks down on your way to work. You’re stranded. Then, after you get it towed to the mechanic, you get even more bad news: you need a new water pump and it’s going to be expensive. Now you’re not only looking at days without your vehicle but days before you get your next paycheck to pay for the fix. Maybe you could borrow money from family or friends but even that could take time, not to mention added stress.

You need money fast.

And now for some good news: you can get it fast.

Same Day Funding with MoneyLion

With the new == MoneyLion app==, it’s easy. You just log in apply for a loan, choose your loan terms, and you could get your funds directly deposited into your account as early as that very same business day.

But keep in mind that we in order to get your loan funds by 5pm your local time you’ll need to apply and e-sign your loan agreement by 12pm ET Mon – Fri. (and assuming you get approved). Otherwise your funds would be deposited the following business day.

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