Why Amounts and Limits May Change

Why Did My Instacash Amount Change?

You log onto the MoneyLion app and notice your Instacash amount has changed. Your unexpected Instacash limit may seem random, but there are several reasons why lnstacash amounts may shift. Take a look at why your Instacash amounts and limits can change.

But first, what is Instacash?

Instacash is a short-term cash advance from MoneyLion that allows you to get up to $250 instantly with 0% interest. Instacash helps customers get money quickly, cover unexpected expenses, or even treat themselves to a new opportunity.  

What Is a Cash Advance with Instacash?

Why did my Instacash amount change?

There may be a couple of reasons why you’ve received an unexpected Instacash limit. For starters, remember that the amount you qualify for depends on the consistency of deposits made by your employer, benefits provider, or another source of income or recurring deposits.

As your linked bank account (or RoarMoney account) financial factors change, your Instacash limit can change as well. This can be influenced by a shift in the regularity of detectable recurring deposits, a salary increase, a salary decrease, or other factors.

If we can detect additional qualifying deposits, you can get access to a higher Instacash amount depending on your deposit amount. If we detect fewer or smaller deposits, you may have access to a lower amount. You can unlock as high as $250 based on your deposit amount, and you may earn even more through Instacash boosts!

You can read more about the factors that cause unexpected Instacash limits here.

Ok, but how do I increase my Instacash limit?

There are two main ways to increase your Instacash amount: by increasing the amount of detectable income or other recurring deposits in your account or increasing the regularity of your detectable deposits. On top of this, the easiest way to potentially increase your Instacash limit is by linking Instacash to your RoarMoneySM account. If you connect your direct deposits to RoarMoney, you can increase your Instacash limit with the same deposit.

You can also increase your Instacash limit by earning boosts. Instacash boosts are a loyalty perk for doing things like making two or more consecutive on-time payments or referring friends. Sometimes, we even offer Instacash boosts over holidays as a special treat to good customers. The boost will raise your Instacash amount by a certain amount for a set timeframe. It’s our way of rewarding loyalty.

But overall, the more money you have coming into your account that we can verify, the greater likelihood you’ll qualify for more Instacash. 

Why didn’t MoneyLion give me a cash advance?

MoneyLion might not have given you a loan or cash advance for a few reasons. It’s possible your personal information doesn’t match public records so your identity can’t be verified or that your linked checking account can’t be verified. If you’re in this situation, you can always check that your information is correct and try again. You should also feel free to try again when your account has been open longer and/or had more consistent deposits and positive balance — or  try out other products. 

For instance, if you can’t get Instacash by linking your bank account, consider opening a RoarMoney account and setting up direct deposits. Not only is this the surest way of accessing Instacash, but you can also get your paycheck up to 2 days early!1

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1 With direct deposit. Faster and easier access to funds is based on comparison of traditional banking policies and deposit of paper checks versus deposits made electronically and the additional methods available to access funds via a card as opposed to a paper check.