MoneyLion moments: 10 customers tell us why life is easier with MoneyLion


The best way to understand the value of any product is to hear how it’s benefitting real people, in their own words, so let’s kick off 2018 with a selection of quotes from the MoneyLion pride. This diverse group is using the free MoneyLion app, the MoneyLion Plus membership, or both to improve their financial lives one step at a time.

MoneyLion is helping me improve my credit.

Our free Credit Monitoring service keeps tabs on your credit report and alerts you to any changes, and our Credit Simulator tool shows you specific actions you can take to improve your credit and by how much. Additionally, when you make on-time loan payments as a MoneyLion Plus member, we report your payments to the credit bureaus, which could help you rebuild your credit.

"I have borrowed from them 3 times, and my credit has gone up almost 100 points.” — MoneyLion customer

“It helps with finances, and I liked seeing my credit score. That was a big plus. I am on my way to restoring my credit. Love this app.” — MoneyLion customer

MoneyLion Plus helps me borrow, save, and invest.

You can tackle today’s unexpected expenses and invest for tomorrow with a MoneyLion Plus membership that gives you access to $500 5.99% APR loans, savings into an investment account that we manage for you, and $1/day cashback just for logging into the app.

“I joined and got approved for a loan to rebuild my credit, which is not great. It’s a great interest rate for someone like me with low credit too! So you’re of course wondering the catch? They want you to invest additional money on top of your loan payment each month. But that is a GOOD thing to do!!! So now they are not only helping me rebuild my credit, but they are helping [me] MAKE money! You get a $1 credit too each day you log into the APP to monitor your OWN financial accounts, credit, and future!” — Robert F., MoneyLion Plus member

“I love that someone created this amazing opportunity. I always got denied for loans because I never made enough or u had to have so much paperwork. This was so easy! No standing in line, quick approved and got my 500 fast! I’m glad I can always get it again after I pay this one off. Thank u guys ♥️” — Shanha L., MoneyLion Plus member

The loan process is fast and easy.

We strive to get you your loan funds quickly — with loan approvals in minutes and funding received as soon as same business day:

“They approved me right away. When I applied for the loan, it was just minutes before they told me I was approved for the amount that I wanted. I would highly recommend them to my friends and family and colleagues. Once again, thank you.” — MoneyLion customer

"They were quick and easy. My refrigerator died, and I was on the verge of losing all that food, when they came through in record time for me!" — Sandra D., MoneyLion customer

MoneyLion motivates me with rewards.

It’s easy to earn points toward gifts cards by doing simple things like connecting your banking account, verifying your phone number, paying loan payments on time, and more. MoneyLion Plus also gives you $1/day cashback just for logging into the app.

“With the app, you actually get rewarded for paying your loan on time, which leads to coupons gift card to multiple retailers. They give you advice as well to get out of debt. A debt company who actually encourages you to get out of debt. MoneyLion is the best option for installment loans by far.” — MoneyLion customer

“Just went Christmas shopping again for last-minute gifts and used my MoneyLion rewards. Thanks, MoneyLion, for this awesome system. Happy Holidays, all.” — MoneyLion Plus member

MoneyLion cares about me, despite my credit.

We don’t see you as a number; we welcome you even if you have less-than-perfect credit:

I applied [for a loan] and got it next day, and my credit is not the best. They have worked with me several times when a situation arose and couldn’t make the payment.” — Michael W., MoneyLion customer

“While I’m rebuilding my credit, they were the first place to take a chance on me and give me a loan. I’m so appreciative.” — MoneyLion customer

Helping you makes us happy ☺️

Thank you, MoneyLion users and MoneyLion Plus members, for your commitment to improving your financial lives and for your enthusiasm for MoneyLion products. You are the reason we do what we do, and we look forward to helping you continue your success in 2018 and beyond.

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