31-Day Money Challenge – Week 4: EAT IN!

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Let’s be clear. We’re not here to diss date night.

Not at all. In fact, we believe that date night is a critical aspect of building and maintaining any healthy (romantic) relationship. So please don’t give it up. It’s absolutely worth it.

What we want you to try to do is eat at home most nights of the week. A suggestion: eat in 5 nights, eat out two.

One of the best ways to enjoy eating in is through food delivery services. Have you tried them yet? There are many good ones out there – such as SunBasket, Blue Apron and Hellofresh.

Each of these meal delivery services are delivered weekly to your door and they include fresh, pre-measured ingredients for two-three meals (your choice)for two-four people with recipe instructions packaged in in recyclable, eco-friendly, refrigerated boxes (shipping is included). You just take out the ingredients inside, transfer them to your fridge and cook them when you’re ready.

Not only does this save you tons of time in not having to shop for all the specific ingredients, it saves you lots of money, too. Because everything is measured out for you in advance, you’re not wasting $10 on some random spice you’ll only use once or twice in a given year.

Each recipe usually takes about 25-45 minutes to make from start to finish (sometimes more, honestly, especially roasted veggies). The recipes themselves often offer delightful combinations of foods and spices you wouldn’t ordinarily use (unless you were some kind of gourmand) and the result is often a – literally! – restaurant quality meal.

Give it a shot. Sign up this week for a meal delivery service and see how much money and time you can save.

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