Add your card to Apple or Google Pay for zero-fee super powers!

How to link your MoneyLion debit card for iPhone users

Now that you’ve joined America’s most powerful financial membership℠ and opened your Zero-Fee Checking℠ account, be ready for anything by adding your MoneyLion debit card to Apple Pay on your iPhone. You’ll never get caught without your zero-fee debit card, because we know you never forget your phone even if you forget your wallet!

The process is super simple. Here’s how:

  1. Tap the Wallet app on your iPhone. Then tap the (+) icon. Read details and tap Continue.
  1. Hold your debit card in the frame to capture info, or you can enter manually. If card details look good, tap Next.
  1. You’ll then need to confirm the expiration date and enter your security code from the back of your debit card. Tap Next.
  1. A screen will appear with Apple’s terms and conditions, read and tap Agree at the bottom if you agree to Apple’s terms.
  1. Lastly, you’ll need a one-time activation code sent through text or by calling MoneyLion at 1-866-205-9449.

How to link your MoneyLion debit card for Android users

If you have an Android phone, you can add your MoneyLion debit card to Google Pay.

  1. Open the Google Pay Send app and tap the menu icon (the three lines).
  1. Tap Payment methods, and then tap Add payment method at the bottom.
  1. Choose Add a debit card and enter your card details. You can also capture your card info by taking a picture.
  1. Tap Save after you’ve confirmed that your card information is input correctly.

How to Link your MoneyLion debit card for Samsung Pay

You can also add your MoneyLion debit card to Samsung pay if you have a Galaxy S or Galaxy Note phone.

  1. Open Samsung Pay and tap ADD to get started.
  1. Tap Add payment card and align your card in the frame to capture info. You can manually enter by tapping Enter card manually.
  1. Once finished, tap Next to review the terms of service. If you agreed to all the terms, tap Agree to all.
  1. You’ll then need to verify your card through text or by calling MoneyLion at 1-866-205-9449.
  1. Enter your verification code and then tap Submit. Tap Done once complete.

The checkout process just got even faster

Now, at stores and restaurants that accept Apple, Google, or Samsung Pay, you can use your MoneyLion debit card without even needing to swipe (you don’t even need to have the card with you!). Just hold your phone within a few centimeters of the merchant’s contactless reader until you see the word “done” and a checkmark on the display. Try purchasing your next coffee this way.

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