12 Best Free AI Travel Planners to Plan Your Next Trip

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Ditch the endless hours of travel planning and let AI be your genie, granting you the perfect itinerary with just a few taps. Microsoft Excel works fine – but the best AI travel planners allow you to adjust plans and collaborate with friends in a way that’s in line with the 21st century. 

Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or a novice explorer, these free AI travel planners will revolutionize the way you plan your next great escape!

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12 best free AI travel planners

Planning a holiday soon? Find the best trip planner from among these top 13 services. 

1. Trip Planner AI

Trip Planner AI is free to use. It provides travelers with customized trips and road trip planning. It allows users to collaborate and offers TikTok and Instagram videos to help inspire you. Trip Planner AI provides real-time trip-relevant notifications and you change the plan to suit yourself.  

Find travel inspiration from TikTok and InstagramSome users may find the number of options overwhelming
Let the algorithms find the most efficient routes
Add, edit, or delete from your AI-generated travel plan
Collaborate with fellow travelers and build trips together
Get real-time travel alerts

2. Wonderplan

Wonderplan offers users an intuitive and colorful interface that is easy to navigate. It provides users with almost everything they need from trip plans to restaurant recommendations based on their dietary needs. You can use the detailed cost breakdown to adjust your costs to budget, as well as link to destinations on Google Maps. Wonderland is free. 

Personalized travel plansYou can only plan travel for up to 14 days
Detailed cost breakdowns
Restaurant recommendations include dietary
Useful information like exchange rates and
Easy collaboration

3. Layla (Roam Around)

Previously known as Roam Around, Layla provides AI-generated global travel plans backed by ChatGPT3 technology. You can plan bucket lists and collaborate with friends on the Layla app, as well as save chats for later.  

Personalized travel plans based on your interests
and budget
It does not have as many features as some
of the other available trip planners
Use Layla to collaborate with friends and create
bucket lists
Real-time information and maps
Use the chatbot to customize your travel plans

4. TripBot

Download Tripbot and set your preferences, including dates and destinations, and let Tripbot plan a personalized itinerary. Book all your activities from the app and collaborate with travel companions to customize trips to everyone’s needs

Travel plans personalized to budgets and preferences. It doesn’t offer car rental, flight, or hotel booking comparisons
Receive insider tipsNo offline access
Offers collaboration and sharing
Provides real-time alerts

5. iplan.ai

Travelers can access quick and easy itinerary creation using iplan.ai. You can plan any trip using the platform, from road trips to group travel. It lets you set times for your destinations and make changes to the suggested plans. You can also share your travel plans with friends. iplan.ai is available on the browser and app. 

Plan updates based on preferences, local events, and weatherNo AI on the free version of the travel plan
Customize your plan to suit yourselfIf you plan on more than one destination, you must create more than one trip
Customized to your budget and interests

6. Kayak Explore

Kayak is a search engine that looks for travel deals. It will find the best deals for you, then, redirect you to the site to make the booking. Kayak Explore is not strictly a travel planner but offers travelers deals across several travel categories like flights, accommodation, and car rental. 

Accesses many travel sites to compare car
rentals, flights, and hotels
Kayak is not strictly a travel planner
Adjustable travel dates to make the best of
available deals
Requires more traveler planning effort
Access to customer reviews
Sends alerts when prices drop

7. Tripsai

Tripsai uses AI to plan a personalized itinerary, offering curated insights about things to do and places to go. The Tripsai app adjusts your itinerary in real time if there are plan changes. The AI learns from your choices and adjusts suggestions.

Provides personalized plans and adjusts to your preferencesYou need to check the provided information is up to date
Offers a multitude of curated choices from restaurants to pastimes
Provides insights into cultural events

8. GuideGeek

AI travel planner GuideGeek has a chatbot. It will respond to questions with detailed answers. Access GuideGeek through Instagram Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. The travel planner is free to use. 

Easy-to-use chatbotNo collaboration
Offers travel tips on how to avoid crowds,
save money, and more
No mobile app
Free to useNo itinerary modifications are possible

9. Vacay

Vacay offers users an AI travel planner with a chatbot. Vacay provides paid plans with advanced features. The traveler can use the app to book events and recommend hotels and restaurants. You also have access to thematic travel plans. Get Vacay for free or on a premium plan. 

Interactive travel planner provides customized
Advanced features are only available on the
paid version of Vacay
Ask the chatbot travel-related questionsCan generate out-of-date information
Plan thematic travel
Compare flights, cruises, and hotels

10. Curiosio

Curiosio is a free-to-use road trip planner. It provides users with interactive maps so that they can click on the destinations for more information. It offers users suggestions for activities with costs. 

Great for planning road tripsCuriosio is not global. There are only 30 countries
on the app
Many suggestions on routes and pastimesOnly accessible via browser
Plans according to your interests and budget

11. Explorerg

Explorerg provides pre-set alternatives for your travel plans. You can compare flight and accommodation prices and explore your destination using Explorerg maps and walkthroughs. You can also use the currency converter to check costs against your budget and track actual against budget costs. 

The Flight Finder feature allows for
flight comparisons
Check the content for errors
Maps and walk-through featuresNo collaborative features
Track your actual-to-budget costs

12. Google Travel

Google Travel is a price comparison site. You can use Google Maps to get a good view of your holiday with flight prices appearing on the map. You can also compare hotel and flight prices to find the best prices to suit your planned destination and dates. 

Compare accommodation and flight pricesGoogle Travel does not plan your itinerary
See flight prices and destinations on Google MapsNo collaborative function
Easy-to-use interface

What is an AI travel planner?

An AI travel planner is a web-based or mobile app that provides travelers with tailored travel plans to destinations globally. These planners use machine learning to design travel plans based on your preferences, past behavior, and budget. They can automate time-consuming tasks, like price comparisons for flights and accommodation. The best platforms integrate bookings so you can manage your travel plans on a single platform. 

How does an AI travel planner work?

AI travel planners are simple to use. Here is how they work:

  • You provide the information about your preferences, budget, travel dates, and type of travel – solo, as a couple, family. 
  • The travel planner accesses online information about travel destinations, transport options, and user reviews. 
  • AI algorithms analyze your preferences and the available services to present you with a personalized travel plan. 
  • The planner suggests itineraries.
  • You can adjust the itinerary to suit your plans.
  • Some planners also automate bookings to save you time. 

Should you use AI to plan your vacation?

AI automates time-consuming tasks of a vacation and can find you deals and pastimes you would otherwise have missed. It will integrate all your bookings on a single platform for easy access. It will send alerts to warn you of delays and other disruptions.  

It is, however, essential that you check the itinerary yourself. AI can still make mistakes or inappropriate travel suggestions. 

Key features to consider in AI travel planning tools

What constitutes an ideal AI travel planner? Look for the following elements:

  • Great user interface: Look for a clear and easy-to-navigate interface.
  • Ease of setup and access: Ensure that the data input is intuitive and you can easily find what you are looking for.
  • Personalization options: Input your interests, destinations, and times for a personalized plan. 
  • Collaborative features: Share your travel plans with travel companions.
  • Interactive maps for itinerary planning: Plan your movements with interactive maps.
  • Integration with booking platforms: With integrated booking, you can find all your bookings in one place
  • Budget management tools: Ensure you have enough money to enjoy your holiday and track costs as you go.
  • Real-time updates on travel alerts and changes: Flight delays and other travel disruptions may happen. With real-time alerts, you can plan proactively.

Start planning your dream holiday now

AI trip planners save time and effort. They can also help you save money as they make it easy to compare prices and can find you travel deals. AI can process loads of information so you may travel to destinations you would otherwise not have found. Start saving now for your holiday


Is there an AI tool to make a travel itinerary?

Several AI tools will plan your travel itinerary. They use machine learning to analyze your data and provide you with a personalized plan.

Does Google have a travel planner?

Yes, Google has a travel planner. 

What is a travel chatbot?

A travel chatbot is an AI-powered chatbot that answers travel questions. 

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