The Best Affordable Alternative Apps Like Earnin

apps like earnin

Ever experienced a financial emergency before your next paycheck arrived? It happens all the time. But there are options for you to explore when you run into issues like this. 

Plus, these options are much faster than seeking out a traditional bank loan. For this reason and many more, buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) apps have become very popular. 

For example, the next time you make an online purchase, you will see a variety of payment options on most online retailers’ websites. We’ll walk you through what BNPL means and how you can get started using these payment options. 

What is buy now pay later, and how do they work?

Buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) services allow you to get a cash advance so you can buy what you need now. The purpose of BNPL services is that they give you money in real-time to reduce the amount of long-term debt that you accrue.  

Often, apps like Earnin will connect to your bank account and look at your auto-deposit history. From there, they will gauge whether or not you qualify for an advance. These alternative payment methods are popular because they give you more flexibility without having to take on traditional debt. 

Do banks give same-day loans?

No, banks do not give out same-day loans. Traditional bank loans often take several days to process. 

As a result, you are better off pursuing same-day pay options. MoneyLion offers cash advances and credit builder loans through our Credit Builder Plus membership. Plus, our Instacash program provides up to $250. It’s perfect for unplanned expenses. 

What apps let you borrow money instantly?

Buy Now Pay Later apps are effective because they allow consumers to borrow money instantly. In fact, 75% of consumers who have used BNPL solutions said that they had enough money to cover their intended purchase, but the BNPL options make big expenses seem less intimidating. 

There are many Buy Now Pay Later Apps on the market. Some examples include:

Who has the best-now-pay-later solution?

There are many options for alternative payment options, but we’re partial to Overtime by MoneyLion. Overtime is an excellent option because you can attach it to MoneyLion’s mobile banking app and access an entire suite of financial solutions all in one place. 

Overtime by MoneyLion

Overtime is a flexible payment plan where you can buy now and pay later. It allows you to pay for the things you need without having to wait for your next paycheck. If you set up a repeating direct deposit with a RoarMoney account, you can also take out a loan between $50 and $600. 

Overtime is perfect for situations where unexpected expenses arise. With Overtime, you can break your purchase down into four simple payments, making it more manageable to pay back your purchase over time, hence the name!  

Overtime loans come with a 0% annual APR. Plus, we’ll check your credit through a soft credit pull so your score won’t be affected either. Give Overtime by MoneyLion a try today! 

Best Features

  • Buy now and pay later: You don’t have to wait until your next payday to make essential purchases. 
  • Flexibility: Not all paychecks line up perfectly with your expenses, so buy-now-pay-later services fill in those gaps.  
  • Receive funds instantly: You can receive funds the same day you are approved. 
  • Borrow up to $600: We can approve loans between $50 and $600. 
  • Repay your loan in manageable amounts: We’ll break up your loan into four smaller payments to make it more manageable to pay back what you owe. 
  • You’ll gain full access to MoneyLion’s entire suite of financial products!

Overtime vs Earnin 

Earnin is a buy now pay later app. Apps like Earnin work by accessing your bank account and checking for auto-deposit paychecks. When you have a documented record of regular auto-deposits, apps like Earnin can approve loan amounts without having to perform a hard credit check. Earnin can approve up to $500 per pay period but no more than $100 per day. 

Overtime by MoneyLion gives its users many different tools and options when it comes to a buy-now-pay-later service. Overtime provides up to $600 in loans, which is a much higher value than loans through Earnin. 

With Overtime, you’ll receive your money instantly once you are approved, too. Overtime gives you the flexibility to navigate life’s ups and downs while still keeping you on track for financial success. 

We make it easy to buy now and pay later by setting up four equal monthly installment payments. You also get access to all of MoneyLion’s financial tools:

Best of all, it’s all on one app! Our mobile banking app also has built-in education tools to keep you on track, making it possible for you to achieve all of your financial goals. Try Overtime today

Get money for the things that matter most with MoneyLion

Did your air conditioning unit stop working out of the blue? Overtime can help. Do your kids need new school supplies? Overtime can help. And these are only some of the many situations that MoneyLion can help you with! 

MoneyLion makes it easy for you to pay for the things that matter most. If you need help paying for everyday expenses in a more manageable way, check out MoneyLion’s Overtime. It’s the perfect option for anyone who needs to make purchases before their next paychecks are deposited. 

If you need more than $600 and you’re having trouble getting a loan, check out Credit Builder loans from MoneyLion. Our Credit Builder Plus program is exactly what you’re looking for. We’ll report your good habits to the three major credit bureaus, and then you’ll get the money back once you pay off your loan. It’s the perfect option for those with either poor credit or no credit at all. Get started today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I not being accepted for Earnin?

The most common reason is that the app might not be able to verify your identity. Make it easier on yourself! With MoneyLion’s Overtime program, you get started faster because MoneyLion and Overtime are integrated with each other. Check it out today!

Which apps pay you instantly?

MoneyLion Instacash can get you up to $250– instantly! As soon as you’re approved, you can access and use your cash advances. Try MoneyLion’s Instacash today!

Does Earnin build credit?

Earnin doesn’t help you build your credit score. MoneyLion, on the other hand, helps you build credit through its Credit Builder Plus membership program. Our Credit Builder Plus program makes it possible for you to pay off your loans with affordable payments and monthly credit reporting. You’ll receive a portion of your loan upfront and the remainder will arrive once you pay off your loan.

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