Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval

Need a loan today but can’t get approved because your credit score is too low?

If you’re considering a payday loan as a last-ditch effort, know that there are safer options available. You won’t spend a fortune in interest or fees, and your credit score won’t stop you from being approved if you meet the qualification criteria. 

Free Cash Advances 

Wouldn’t it be nice to borrow money for free? This may sound too good to be true, but it isn’t. MoneyLion offers you the luxury of interest-free cash advances of up to $250 through the Instacash feature with no monthly or required fees. 

Credit checks aren’t required, so it’s the perfect opportunity to get your hands on fast cash even if you have bad credit. Plus, it’s easy to apply, and the funds can be yours to use in just minutes. 

How to Qualify

To qualify for an Instacash cash advance, you should have an active bank account that’s at least 2 months old and in good standing. MoneyLion will scan it securely to check for a history of deposits and activity. But don’t worry if you’re not currently employed – government benefits, electronic deposits for unemployment, alimony and child support will suffice. 

How to Apply 

If you meet the qualification criteria and are ready to apply, follow these simple steps: 

The transaction activity from your bank account will be analyzed to determine the amount you’re eligible for. When an offer appears, indicate the amount you want to advance (up to the limit), and select the request button. 

Time to Funding 

Check your bank account as the funds will arrive in minutes if you choose the fastest funding option. And when the repayment due date rolls around, the funds will automatically be deducted from your account with zero interest. 

This means you can request cash advances whenever the need arises without incurring any interest or required fees. Also, know that it’s not necessary to re-apply each time you want to use the feature.  


Instacash from MoneyLion has no required fees! There’s no monthly fee and no interest. You will encounter an optional small fee if you would like instant funding vs the standard funding time of 24 -48 hours for free.

Low-Interest Credit Builder Loans 

Do you like the idea of an fee-free cash advance but need a little more than $250 to hold you over? Consider an affordable Credit Builder Loan from MoneyLion. 

You may qualify for up to $1,000 to get you over the hump. Another major perk is that payment activity is reported to the 3 credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. So, your score could receive a boost as the loan is paid down if you manage other outstanding debts responsibly.

Qualification Criteria

Bad credit doesn’t mean you won’t get approved. In fact, MoneyLion will not check your credit when you apply for a credit builder loan. However, you will need a checking account that’s at least 60 days old and in good standing. The account should also have a history of deposits from employment, self-employment, government benefits, alimony or child support. 

How to Apply

Here’s how to apply for a Credit Builder Loan: 

  • Download the MoneyLion app to your mobile device
  • Create an account with your email. 
  • Tap the Loans tab and connect the checking account that you wish to receive funds. Your payments will also be deducted from this account. 
  • View and accept your loan offer.

There’s a chance MoneyLion only allows you to get a portion of the loan amount immediately. But don’t worry – the remaining funds will be placed in a Credit Reserve Account in your name that accumulates interest. When your final loan payment is made, the funds are yours spend on whatever you want. 

Time to Funding 

From the moment you are approved and accept your loan offer, the funds can be deposited into your bank account instantly. You can use the loan proceeds how you see fit. 

Also, know that loan payments are automatically deducted from your bank account. This prevents you from having to worry about due dates and late fees. 


It’s $19.99 per month to take advantage of this affordable credit-building product that gets you the fast cash you need and helps build credit. The Credit Builder Plus membership also comes with access to Instacash cash advances and more. 

See if you qualify for a Credit Builder Loan.

Get Approved for a Loan Today!

Don’t spend another minute agonizing over your bad credit or allowing it to stop you from getting the funds you need. Give Instacash from MoneyLion a try. It doesn’t have to cost you a cent, and it’s easy to apply. Or you can consider a Credit Builder Loan if you want a product that works overtime to beef up your bank account and boost your credit.