How Can You Get An Early Direct Deposit?

early direct deposit

We all feel a little bit better after a paycheck, regardless of our age or what we earn. When that money comes in, you know that your expenses are covered for another pay period – it’s a great feeling. But did you know that you could be delaying that satisfying moment?

Some lenders, like MoneyLion, offer early direct deposits. Taking advantage of this feature ensures that you cut down on delays, avoid late fees and get your money as soon as possible.

Get your money 2 days early with RoarMoney

Bumping up your payday by up to two days is easy with a RoarMoney℠  account. Really, all you need to do is set up a direct deposit with your employer. You’ll need your RoarMoney account and routing numbers handy to do this. If you have government income (or expect a stimulus check as part of COVID relief bills), you can link those payments to your RoarMoney account using the IRS’s Get My Payment website. If another round of stimulus checks go out, you’ll get your payment up to two days before many others. 

By the way, if you’re struggling to find the direct deposit form at your work, MoneyLion has you covered with a direct deposit form you can print, fill out, and bring to your work’s human resources department. 

You can also use the MoneyLion app to set up direct deposit. Open the Finances tab and tap the More button. You’ll find “Manage direct deposit” under the RoarMoney menu.

Borrowing 0% APR Instacash

Two days early might not always be early enough. If you need some cash to hold you over until payday, you might consider Instacash℠  from MoneyLion. 

These small advances are available for RoarMoney customers who set up direct deposit– giving you instant access to as much as $1000! 

Not only do you get immediate access to those funds, but they come with no strings attached and 0% APR. In fact, the only fee you might pay is if you choose turbo delivery with instant delivery funds to your RoarMoney account or external debit card. If you need money before payday, but can wait a couple of days for the funds to arrive in your account, you could end up with a fee-free, no-interest advance.

RoarMoney perks

Early paydays and Instacash are great, but those only scratch the surface of the benefits of banking with MoneyLion. Here are a few other perks worth noting.

Debit card rewards – Shake ‘N’ Bank

Most banks make you jump through hoops to earn rewards or cashback–not MoneyLion! We reward you for simply using your MoneyLion debit card. Our Shake ‘N’ Bank℠  rewards program sends you rewards notifications to your phone every time you spend at least $10 with your debit card or virtual card.

This charge can be made on either your contactless debit card or your virtual debit card. After the purchase, you’ll get a mobile alert asking you to shake your phone. Shake it to reveal your reward, which could be worth as much as the entire value of your recent purchase (up to $120).

Free budget and spending tracker

Let us help you keep an eye on your overall financial health with its Financial Heartbeat service. This tool is integrated into the MoneyLion app, and it automatically tracks vital financial information like your spending habits, credit score, and more. The Financial Heartbeat boils all that information into a single number that falls on a simple 1–10 scale. A “1” means you’ve got a lot of work to do, and a “10” means you couldn’t possibly be doing better.

Secure banking

For those who are new to mobile banking, it might seem unnerving to enter sensitive information online, but it’s actually incredibly safe. RoarMoney is FDIC insured. And MoneyLion uses TLS security technology that keeps your information safe as it travels through the internet. We have a dedicated security team that works around the clock to identify security threats and protect your accounts.

Price protection

We’ve all experienced buyer’s remorse before. You buy something in a whirlwind of excitement, but you soon realize you could’ve gotten a better deal if you had gone to a different store or waited for a sale to kick in. That’s why RoarMoney comes with Price Protection for purchases made with your MoneyLion Debit Mastercard or virtual card. As long as you spot a better deal and contact Mastercard within 90 days, you may be eligible to get a cash refund for the price difference.

Improve your financial health

So far, all the perks we’ve covered come with a RoarMoney account, but that’s just one account MoneyLion has to offer. Once you feel settled into your mobile banking account, you may want to branch out to MoneyLion’s fully-managed investing account and Credit Builder Plus membership. 

MoneyLion’s fully-managed investment account puts your money to work for you without forcing you to choose between stocks and bonds. It’s all automated, so just sit back and watch your money grow. Alongside no management fees, you can get started with as little as $5!

Need help establishing or rebuilding your credit score? Our Credit Builder Plus Loans are designed to improve your credit score and help you save. Membership costs $19.99/month and includes access to several features. Learn more here.

Get fast cash today!

Need to pay your bills, buy new tires and go grocery shopping? We know sometimes you need a little cash float to cover all your expenses, but where can you find enough cash to cover your needs?

With MoneyLion’s Safety Net feature, you can easily view all your available funds in one spot. No more running around and collecting money from predatory payday lenders or family members. When you download the MoneyLion app, set up direct deposit with RoarMoney, you’ll automatically gain instant access to this one-stop-shop feature.

From cash advances to investments–we got you covered!

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