Where Can I Find Banks With Most ATMs?

bank with most atms

If you’ve ever had your bank account drained by ATM fees, you know that it can be irritating.  Each time you withdraw cash, your bank charges $3-$5 for every time they access their ATM network. When vetting possible contenders, find one with zero sur-charges, tons of locations, and the latest technology can be scarce.  Because who has time to wait in long times and run around town looking for an ATM without hefty fees? 

So how do I find a bank that offers ATMs galore, virtual cards, and contactless banking? 

MoneyLion has you covered!

Which bank has the most ATMs? 

Need a bank that is always just around the corner? Check out the top banks in the US and the number of fee-free ATMs each has for their customer’s convenience.

Bank Number of ATMs
Bank of America 17,000
Wells Fargo 13,000
RoarMoney 55,000 worldwide with the Allpoint network

How can I avoid banks with expensive ATM fees?

You might not think that a few dollars here and there is much, but when you add them up you could be losing tons! Why pay for ATMs fees when you can avoid them altogether? Here are our favorite ATM fee-free hacks to keep more cash in your wallet and add more convenience to your life!

Get cash back during purchases

Chances of you going to the store or stopping at the gas station multiple times a week are pretty high. Did you know that nearly every store like CVS and 7/11 offer cash back at the register with your purchase?  When getting ready to check out with your debit card, ask the cashier if you can get cashback and if they charge a fee. Often, you can take out up to $40  or more for $0 fees while you make your purchase. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Transfer money via cash sharing apps

With all the cash-sharing apps that let you transfer money in seconds, more people are choosing to go completely cashless. Owe a friend a few bucks? Apps like Venmo allow you to send or request money completely free with a click of a button. A few apps like Cashapp and Paypal may charge you 1% or more if you want to receive the money in your account immediately, or you can wait a day or two for no charge. Though many cash-sharing apps have zero fees.  

Forget about bumping into that person who owes you money and awkwardly asking them to pay you back. Simply send them a request for what they owe you and no hard feelings. 

Put out money from Allpoint zero fee ATMs

Allpoint ATMs are surcharge-free with locations worldwide. With over 55,000+ ATM locations, you can find one virtually anywhere by searching on the Allpoint location app. If your bank is part of the over 1000 card providers, including RoarMoney, that participate in Allpoint, you can find locations in popular places such as Target, Walgreens, and Kroger to name a few.  

How can you find a bank that uses Allpoint fee-free ATMs? Look no further! With a RoarMoney account from MoneyLion, we want you to stop paying unnecessary fees and keep more of your money. That’s why we offer our accounts with no minimum balance fees and zero ATM fees using Allpoint ATMs worldwide.  Earn major rewards with our Shake ‘N’ Bank program by using your MoneyLion Debit Mastercard or RoarMoney virtual debit card on your daily purchases.  

Need your money before your paycheck hits your account? Connect direct deposits to your RoarMoney account and you’ll get the money up to two days early. Download the MoneyLion app to find out more. 

Can I use my virtual debit card at an ATM?

With the continued evolution of COVID, contactless banking is becoming increasingly popular amongst fintech companies and major banking institutions. For example, once you qualify for a RoarMoney account, you’ll receive your virtual debit card instantly while you wait for your physical card. Add your virtual card onto your Apple or Google wallet right on your phone. Fewer germs and lighter pockets. 

While not every ATM allows the use of virtual debit cards, Allpoint ATMs do! Well over 10,000 ATMs participate in Allpoint Mobile Cash. Allpoint offers a contactless card reader for ATM transactions. You just open your virtual wallet, find your RoarMoney virtual debit card and press the “mobile cash” icon on the screen. Then, scan your QR code at the ATM. Cardholder information is registered with the bank and stored in a secure vault  

How do I deposit cash?

Are you an Uber driver, food server, or own a lawn service business? Like these professions, cash tips are a common form of payment. Having a RoarMoney account makes depositing cash easy when you use the Reload@theRegister service by Green Dot.

With over 100,000 locations like CVS and Walmart, you can get cash in your RoarMoney account within 10 minutes by handing cash to the cashier and swiping your MoneyLion Debit Mastercard. Running errands and going to the bank couldn’t be any easier!

Contactless ATMs With Perks

Life becomes a little easier when you have less to worry about, including forgetting your wallet. A virtual debit card from RoarMoney not only offers the convenience of 55,000+  fee-free ATMs, but we also help you reach your goals faster. A RoarMoney account comes with a spend tracker report, access to interest-free cash advances, Overtime purchasing, and financial Safety Net feature. This way you’ll spend less time chasing money and more time saving it!

Avoid expensive credit card fees when you’re running tight on cash. With the new MoneyLion Overtime feature, you can buy the things you need now and pay them back later in 4 affordable installment payments! Sign up now and reserve your spot on the invite-only list today!

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