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At MoneyLion, we work hard on building innovative, easy-to-use financial products,  and we’re proud they’ve made a  positive impact on our customers’ lives. In fact, the majority of our reviews have five-star ratings.

  • 82% of MoneyLion reviews on Trustpilot have five stars
  • 84% of MoneyLion reviews on WalletHub have five stars

Our goal as a company is to make 99% of all reviews be 5 star reviews, so we are only just getting started. We also know that we can never please everyone but we will always give it our all.

Below are our favorite 5 Star Reviews

  1. Google Play, MoneyLion Inc.★★★★★
    “I don’t know why I see so many negative reviews. Money lion gives me the biggest cash advance out of all the apps I’ve tried. $200!!! It started at 50 I think and has consistently been going up. The credit builder tool is great and my card was locked once because it was protecting me from fraudulent activity so that just shows me that they are secure as well as reliable. This is the best banking app and cash advance that nobody knows about!” by Tom Auman for v7.23.0 (16777215) –  Android 9.0, Nokia 3.1 a (eag) · Read this review on Google Play.

2. MoneyLion has been a huge help! “MoneyLion has been a huge help with the time between paychecks. It’s been very hard since I had lost one of my 2 jobs due to the pandemic, so this has helped to relieve the struggle a little bit.”★★★★★ Verified Read the review on Trustpilot

3. One word “One word: Helpful. Came in clutch and very customer friendly.  Nothing deceiving and very straight forward. Best app out there” ★★★★★ Verified – Read the review on Trustpilot

4. Google Play, MoneyLion Inc.★★★★☆ → ★★★★★  (Updated)
“This is my third updated rating. I now feel this app and company merit 5 stars. It’s not the only one I use for cash advances, but it’s the only one that lets me even if my balance is negative. That right there makes the fees for getting money instantly deposited into your account WELL worth it. I can also make use of their loan, which subsequently is designed to contribute positively to my credit score. And I’ve been with this app for a few years, and they have improved remarkably, tenfold.” by Kell Dubs for v7.19.0 (16777215) –  Android 8.1, Lg it Click here to read the review on Google Play.

5.Great Company “I was in need of funds and came across MoneyLion App and I’m very thankful I did! They loaned me the money I needed quickly and conveniently! They have been lifesavers for me since I was laid off due to the financial impact of COVID-19 on my place of employment. Any questions or concerns I’ve had, they instantly provide the answers or suggestions. They make the loan process pain free and work with you on payments if necessary through out your time with them. Thanks MoneyLion for great service!” ★★★★★ Verified – Read the review on Trustpilot

MoneyLion Mom Stories

Five-star reviews are great, but our customers’ heartfelt stories are most fulfilling. So this past Mother’s Day, we launched a MoneyLion Moms giveaway that encouraged moms who are MoneyLion customers to share their experiences with our app and how it shaped their lives. Check out the clip below to hear from our giveaway winner. She used our financial tools to get by during the pandemic.

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