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Timeline of enhancements to MoneyLion membership

We’re always improving MoneyLion membership (==online== | ==mobile==), and this article will serve as a timeline of upgrades as new enhancements are announced. MoneyLion offers you everything you need to build your credit, earn more, and borrow for less.

October 2018

Bringing you America’s Fastest LoanSM

Now MoneyLion Plus members can get their incredibly low 5.99% APR Credit Builder LoanSM in seconds with Turbo power! No more counting business days. Now you can get your funds in seconds via your debit card. ==Learn more==.

MoneyLion Zero-Fee CheckingSM is here!

We launched a free membership called MoneyLion Core that combines Zero-Fee CheckingSM and Zero-Fee Managed InvestingSM, and we added Zero-Fee Checking to MoneyLion Plus. MoneyLion Checking frees you from overdraft, minimum balance, and other hidden fees, and offers 55,000 fee-free ATMs worldwide and 0% APR InstacashSM advances up to $250. ==Learn more==.

September 2018

MoneyLion portfolios now make your money work even harder

To bring you premium investment advice and products, we partnered with Wilshire Associates Inc., a global investment advisory firm. Wilshire advises on more than $1 trillion in assets for clients around the country. Now they’re sharing this expertise with us, and we’re using it to provide you even better investment solutions. ==Learn more==.

July 2018

MoneyLion Plus is proven to raise your credit ?

The numbers are in! Since MoneyLion Plus launched, nearly 70% of members have increased their credit score by 30 points or more.* We report all Plus loan payments to the credit bureaus to help you build your score, and we offer personalized credit-building advice when you’re enrolled in our free credit monitoring.

June 2018

Investment deposits are now made with every payment ?

Your ==auto deposits== into your MoneyLion Plus investment account are now made immediately on your payment schedule, instead of at month-end. With savings now transferred into your investment account every time you make a payment, you no longer have to wait until month end to see your investment account grow.

New growth and historical chart for your investment account ?

There’s a new interactive chart that shows your MoneyLion investment account growth over time under “Investment Account” in the MoneyLion app.

More personalized portfolios help your investments work harder for you ?️‍♀️

Your investments are now allocated more precisely based on your age and risk tolerance. Tap “My Portfolio” under Investment Account in the app see your stock and bond ETF allocations.

May 2018

MoneyLion Plus allows even more people to join and benefit ?

We changed our membership eligibility to give even more people access to the investing and borrowing power of MoneyLion Plus. With this change, twice as many people are now joining MoneyLion Plus to borrow for less and save for their future.

April 2018

More investor details and new community trivia are here ⏳

We expanded the investment account and membership details to help members track their account activity and view upcoming activity. We also launched daily community trivia, which is is now one of the app’s most popular features.

March 2018

Get bonuses up to $2,000 with MoneyLion Plus referrals ?

We launched a ==generous new referral program==. When members refer a friend to MoneyLion Plus, they both get $10 added to their Plus investment account. For every three referrals that members make, they’ll win either $5, $100, or $2,000 in their Plus investment account.

January 2018

Exclusive MoneyLion Plus Facebook group hits 1,000 members ?

This members-only Facebook group is for members from all over the country who are building their investments, credit, and confidence. Members are free to ask questions and share advice about personal finance. This active group is a great place to receive support and cheer on others. As of July 2018, it’s at 7,000 members and counting!

December 2017

MoneyLion Plus makes its debut ?

MoneyLion Plus launched as the first all-in-one financial membership designed to give millions of Americans an accessible, sustainable path to credit health and financial freedom.

Join to upgrade your entire financial life

We built MoneyLion Plus (==online== | ==mobile==) to solve Americans’ biggest financial challenge by helping them borrow at a low-rate while building their savings at the same time. Membership costs $29/month, but you can get all of it back because we give you $1/day cashback simply for logging into the MoneyLion app!

Make your financial life easier with a customized combination of low-rate loans (if you choose to take one), managed investing, and crazy good rewards. You don’t need good credit or investing experience to get started. In fact, roughly 90% of members are first-time investors. Join today (==online== | ==mobile==) and get $10 when you sign up.

** Results not guaranteed. Your experience and circumstances may be different. Data was sourced from more than 11,000 MoneyLion Plus members who have signed up for MoneyLion credit monitoring, taken out a MoneyLion Plus loan, and made on-time MoneyLion Plus loan payments.*

MoneyLion Plus membership required. View full terms and conditions ==here==.

Investment Account Not FDIC Insured or Bank Guaranteed | May Lose Value. The managed investment account is subject to risks, including but not limited to the loss of principal. This advertisement should not be construed as a recommendation regarding the suitability of purchasing a particular security or securities in general.

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