Day 6 – the psychology of money

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The 31-Day Money Challenge – Day 6

Day #6

The best advice sounds simple. Because it usually is:

‘The formula for financial independence is so simple… spend less than you earn.’ – Tony Robbins

You might be thinking, well sure, if I wasn’t so broke, I’d do that very thing. But would you? Really? Have you thought carefully about what you can do – right now – that will allow you to do that?

Let’s start small.

Save your pennies.

Literally. Save them. And this might sound even a little crazy but when you see a penny on the sidewalk, PICK IT UP. When you see a penny, a dime, a quarter, pick. it. up.

One little penny might seem like nothing but that penny is money just waiting there for you. A teeny gift. Pick it up. It’s a symbol of the wealth all around you. The more you open your eyes to the possibilities of attracting wealth into your life and appreciating the small things, the closer you get to achieving financial freedom.

Buy a mason jar today.


Then fill it with the change you find. Check your pockets. Check your car. Look under the sofa cushions. Whatever spare change you find, add it to the jar.

Day after day, add change to this jar. See it as an accumulation and a constant reminder to be aware of the money you spend.

This will help you to make a psychological shift in your mind about money. Money isn’t just some abstract notion, a bunch of numbers you can view on an ATM screen on your smart phone. It’s a tangible thing. And you can make it grow.

Just like this:


Start improving your credit.

Do you know your credit score and report inside and out? If not, now is a good time to sign up for free credit monitoring.

You’ll start paying closer attention to your money, know exactly where you can save, avoid unnecessary fees and make overall better decisions.

You have two easy things to do today:

1. Buy that mason jar (and start filling it!)

2. Start monitoring your credit (it’s actually fun!)

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