Day 7 – Save an extra $1,378 this year

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The 31-Day Money Challenge – Day 7

Day #7:This is so easy.

Remember that mason jar you bought yesterday? You bought one, right? And put some pennies in there? Well, here’s another way to use it:

Take the 52-Week Savings Challenge.

All you have to do is save the dollar amount of whatever week you are in during the year. So you start with Week One. Week One you add $1 to the jar, week two, $2 and, finally at week fifty-two, you add $52. Add that all up and you have a cool $1,378 dollars saved at the end of the year. This should be relatively easy to start since the dollar amounts are so low the first couple of months.

Here’s what it looks like.##


Not so bad, right? Yes, it might feel a little challenging later on as the amounts grow each week. But you can be mentally prepared for it because you started it and you want to finish it.

So why not start this week? It’s only a dollar. 😉

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