Don’t let overdraft fees ruin your day.

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Ugh. Overdraft fees. The dreaded bank fee that can ruin your whole day. Sometimes your whole month. At roughly $35 a pop, the banks call them a ‘service’ (Then why do they feel like a punch in the face?). The good news is the more you know about overdraft fees, the more you can beat them. Check out the infographics below and see how banks are fleecing consumers these days…

Solution 1

Call your bank and tell them to turn off your overdraft fee “service”. This way you can simply walk away from that shop if you have insufficient funds in your bank account (might be a little embarrassing, but worth it!).

Solution 2

Even better idea. Get on a savings, borrowing and investing plan that will protect you from overdraft fees and other unexpected expenses. This way you can avoid all these extra fees and finally be able to grow your wealth.

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Bottom line: overdraft fees don’t need to be part of your life.


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