How Can You Get Paid During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic?


If you are part of the population that cannot work from home, and your place of employment is closed, you still have options to access extra cash. You can even check out this list of who’s hiring

Here at MoneyLion, we are continuing to provide our Credit Builder Loans and Instacash cash advances to our members to help them get through these challenging times. You can quickly apply for a loan up to $1,000 with same-day funding, as well as for access to 0% APR cash advances, to help get you through the coronavirus pandemic. 

Paying Your Bills During Coronavirus Quarantine 

Do you have upcoming bills and do not have the funds in your account due to being off work? There are ways to get help. Many companies and people are coming together to assist you. 

Below is a list of common expenses and how to navigate getting help.

RentTalk to your landlord or building manager about deferring rent until you can go back to work. Many state governments have put a halt to eviction proceedings during the outbreak. Communication is key. By creating a plan both parties will maintain some sort of security.  
Mortgage Every major lender is offering assistance to homeowners right now. 
Keep in mind not everyone will qualify. Make sure you have solid evidence of financial hardship such as a layoff or work closure. 
Credit Cards Log in to your credit card’s website to change your due date. Credit card companies are being incredibly flexible with moving and delaying payments. 
Car PaymentYou can apply for a payment extension on your auto loan or lease. There is usually a short questionnaire to apply. 
Keep in mind this will not make any other changes to your agreement such as mileage or lease term.  

The government is working around the clock to help those in need of groceries during COVID-19. The proposed stimulus bill will provide an additional $1 billion in food assistance. 
Until the bill passes, look to see if your local bank is open. Local churches and businesses in your area may also be able to help. 
Utilities (gas, electric, internet)Utility companies are suspending shut-offs during the COVID-19 outbreak. If you do not think you can make your payment this month, call your providers. Depending on your situation, they may change your due date and waive late fees.  
Phone BillMajor carriers are extending the same courtesies and more. There will be no service shut-offs for customers, late payments waived, and most providers are also offering unlimited bandwidth to all customers. 
Toilet PaperThere is no help. 

Apply For A Loan and Get Cash The Same Day

At MoneyLion, we’re here to help! Choose your membership level and apply to get cash in your account instantly. 


Instacash allows you to get extra cash anytime and anywhere. Once you apply, you can get an advance up to $250 instantly. Use your money for anything you need now, and the amount borrowed will be deducted from your account around the time of your next paycheck. You can use Instacash as often as you need with zero penalties and 0% APR. 

Credit Builder Loans

If you are in need of more more, our Credit Builder Loans might be the best solution for you. MoneyLion Credit Builder Plus members can apply for their loan and get funding up to $1000 to their account instantly. They’ll also get access to interest-free Instacash advances and more as part of their membership!

Approval for Credit Builder Plus is based on your current standing with either your MoneyLion checking account or an externally linked checking account that shows proof of income. Because these loans are designed to build your credit, having low or no credit will not affect your chances of getting approved. 

Once you are approved, you will get same-day funding. Going forward, we will automatically withdraw your monthly payment from your chosen account. This helps ensure that your payment history is perfect, and payment history up 30% of your total credit score. With each payment, we will report to all 3 major credit bureaus.

Most people who use our Credit Builder Loans see more than a 27 point improvement to their credit score after 60 days. 

Know That Help Is There

The coronavirus is affecting millions of people’s finances; you are not in this alone. While our government works to create a plan to send support or anyone who is affected, we can help you get you the money you need today. 

A key takeaway is to stay calm, wash your hands, practice social distancing, do not attend social gatherings with 10 or more people, clean your household surfaces often, and stay home. The government is calling on you to DO NOTHING, so be strong and heed the call. You got this.

To read all of the CDC recommendations, click here.

For more resources, keep checking the COVID-19 section of our blog here. We’ll be updating it with new information regularly.

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