How To Move Up in a Company and Dominate Your Industry

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Do you have dreams of being a leader in your profession or running a company? Simply working hard just doesn’t cut it, especially when you’re trying to prosper and get ahead professionally. Not to worry! We’ve come up with the go-to guide on how to move up in a company and dominate your industry. 

With hard work, determination, and a few strategic moves you could be the one running the show and signing the checks!

Continued education

Often, companies pay for continued education, and individuals with a college degree can make around $18,000 more on average a year. More employers are offering some form of continued education reimbursement. Furthering your education and job training will prove you to be a valuable asset.

Find a mentor 

Seek out a mentor to guide you along your journey. This person could be your boss, a respected person in your field, paid mastermind group, or a person you met at a local meet-up of people in your field. Be a student and learn from their successes and failures.  Always ask questions, be open to advice, get feedback on your work and bounce ideas off of them.

Take on responsibilities 

Find opportunities to take on more responsibilities, with and without being asked. Take on new and appropriate duties with enthusiasm and excitement, but don’t get taken advantage of. Take the opportunity to self-promote by showcasing your abilities and letting your work shine through successful projects, client feedback, staff meetings, and performance reviews.

Be open to feedback

This might be cliche, but it’s necessary. To function at a high level and improve your performance, you’re going to need help. Ask your boss or someone in your desired position where you can revamp, refine and grow. 

Work for a startup

Working at a start-up gives you the advantage of creating a new role or developing an existing one without the possibility of someone else being settled in your desired position. You might have to take a pay cut. However, contributing to the company’s early success gives you leverage to negotiate a higher salary.

Be a problem solver 

Offer to design training sessions on issues the company is experiencing and then train staff. Eliminate problems and look for ways to be a solution seeker, not an excuse maker.

Make your boss’s work easier

At the end of the day, your job is to make your boss’s daily work easier, and they have a big influence on your future within a company. Leadership should be able to  delegate tasks without micromanaging or daily check-ins. On the contrary, having a reputation of someone who’s difficult to work with or hard to manage won’t get you far. 

Add value to others

Be someone who others want to bounce ideas off of or ask for help. This can be from your colleagues, co-workers, employees, and clients. Earning the respect of others by nourishing their development while being approachable and supportive puts you in an influential position. 

Be self-motivated

Never stop doing your best just because someone isn’t pushing you. Ask yourself, “why do I want or need a promotion?” How would a promotion benefit you, your family, and your financial goals? Use your goals as your motivation to drive your success. 

Job training 

Always look for ways to improve and develop your craft, especially in leadership roles. You might not always receive compensation, but if you keep the companies best interest in mind you leverage your hard work when you’re up for promotion. Companies want to reduce high turnover and company loyalty! 

Ask your employer if they’ll cover the cost of continued education, workplace development or job training. If not, there are plenty of free or cheap courses like Udemy or Coursera or Skillshare.

Own up to mistakes and move forward

We all make mistakes, but not everyone owns up to them. If you or a team you’re a part of messed up, own up and make a plan to fix it immediately. Speak up if a project isn’t going well or you are behind schedule – waiting until the last minute will only create frustration with others depending on you. Don’t point fingers or make excuses, your boss or colleagues will view you as someone they don’t trust and integrity goes out the window. 


Networking is one of the most valuable components of your professional career. Through networking, you can share ideas, build a support network, stay current with trends, open doors to business opportunities, meet mentors, partners, clients and create a library of resources that will elevate your intellectual circle. 

Leave lasting impressions with anyone you cross paths with– it could land you your dream job!

Showcase your desire to grow

Express your desire to grow. If your boss doesn’t know you want to move up or have the desire to take on more responsibility, you could get passed over by someone who’s more vocal.

Work ethic

Work ethic is largely determined by your set of values and hard work. At the end of the day, one of the most important characteristics is your integrity. Build a reputation around being an ethical person who works hard, has a positive attitude, strives for growth, and treats others with respect. 

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