How To Save Money on Groceries (Using These 6 Hacks!)

how to save money on groceries

Grocery bills are one of the largest monthly expenses for most people. Cracking down on your grocery spending is a simple and foolproof way to save money. Check out our 6 tips on how to save money on groceries, reduce your spending and start putting your newfound savings towards your goals!

1. Meal plan to save money

Planning your meals in advance is not only a great way to save time but also save money. Schedule a day that works best and plan your meals for the week. 

It will help you stick to your grocery budget and make mealtime less of a guessing game. Create a grocery list based on your meal plan and use this as your shopping guide. 

When you have a list with you at the store, you will stay focused. You also won’t get tempted by food items you don’t need just because they’re on sale or look tasty at the moment! 

You’ll be able to avoid the temptation of browsing all of the aisles when you stick to your list, too. Only go to the sections of the store that have items on your list. It’ll keep you from sticking to your dietary goals, like less sugar or no junk food! 

Meal planning helps you save money and time while also keeping you healthy. You’ll eat more for less.

2. Buying in bulk

This tip is useful, but you’ll have to be strategic when buying items in bulk. Do you really need a family-sized bag of chips? Maybe not. But things like oatmeal, rice, pasta, and beans are excellent items to purchase in bulk. 

These items tend to stay fresher for longer, and they can be used in different dinner recipes. Hello, one-pot meals! Buying these items in bulk with intention can be a great way to keep you out of the grocery store and help you get creative with meals. 

Be sure to compare prices, though. Is the two-pound bag of rice really a better deal? Also, it is important to remember stores like Sam’s Club and Costco require a membership to shop there, so be sure to account for those costs, too. 

3. Order your groceries online

Look to see if your local grocery store has a mobile app. Most stores have rewards, too. For example, stores like Kroger and apps like Shipt have given us the chance to stay out of the grocery store. 

Though there is sometimes a fee attached to online orders or a minimum purchase requirement, the benefits outweigh these drawbacks. Ordering your groceries online can really help you stick to your shopping list. No wandering means no temptation!

Use these apps to order exactly what you need and have your groceries delivered to your front door or pick them up at the store. Most ordering services still let you apply your grocery rewards and coupons so you aren’t missing out on deals. 

4. Shop weekly grocery sales

Sign up for your favorite store’s weekly ads and coupons for upcoming savvy savings. Whole Foods has Prime member deals that vary throughout the week. This is helpful to know because you can plan your dinner and meals around for the weekly deals. 

Some stores have their clearance items out early in the morning, while others restock their shelves on specific days of the week. If you know their schedule, you might get first dibs on markdowns. You can also ask store associates when big sales are happening and plan your weekly shopping trip accordingly. 

5. Save money on store brands

Opt to buy the store brand products instead of the higher-priced brands. For example, certain store-brand cereals may have different names than what you’re used to, but they taste exactly the same as the brand that costs more. 

You could even upgrade to the store brand’s organic line and still save money compared to competitor prices. Most times, the generic store brands are better than the brand names! 

6. Use money saving apps  

It may sound weird, but you can use your smartphone to save money. There are so many money-saving apps out there. Start by using the instant rewards app from MoneyLion. Make purchases using the MoneyLion Debit Mastercard or RoarMoney virtual card. You’ll end up making money off of certain purchases you make at the store or using one of our online merchants. It’s like being paid to shop! 

Don’t limit yourself

Buying groceries is an expense that you can’t get rid of, but hopefully, these tips help you become a more cost-efficient shopper. Yes, it is important to stick to a budget and not spend all your money on food, but don’t become obsessed. Sticking to a budget still includes giving yourself room to indulge.

Indulging can be a little easier when you’re earning rewards too. With the monthly cashback offer from MoneyLion, you can earn cashback on purchases and use that money to invest in your future using MoneyLion’s auto-invest feature. 

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