How To Save Money On Groceries Every Week

By MoneyLion

Grocery bills are one of the largest monthly expenses for most people. According to the USDA, the average four-person household spends nearly $1,000 a month on food. Cracking down on your grocery spending is a simple and foolproof way to save money. See our how-to steps to reduce your grocery bills. 

Meal Planning to Save Money

Schedule, plan, and write out meals for the week. This will not only help you stick to your grocery budget, but it will also make mealtimes predictable and seamless. Save your grocery list on your phone, write it out, or save it on the grocery store’s mobile app. Keep your list itemized by sections of the store so you don’t tempt yourself. This will keep you from browsing and buying unnecessary food(aka snacks). Keep 70% of your shopping on the outer perimeter of the store.  This is where the produce and refrigerated foods are. You’ll eat cheaper and healthier because the center isles tend to be pricey packaged foods.

Buying in Bulk for Less

Buying bulk doesn’t only mean buying 127 bags of beef jerky from Costco. More stores are now offering bulk bin options with cheaper price tags. You can bring your reusable containers and stock up on items like brown rice, flour, and oatmeal. Dried kidney beans are approximately $1.89/lb, and brown rice is around $0.99/lb! If you do have a bulk store membership like Sam’s Club, stock up on items you eat often. 

Saving with Rewards Programs

Look to see if your local grocery store has a mobile app.  Most have rewards, digital coupons and weekly deals that you can save right onto your phone. For example, prime members receive special offers and an extra 10% off hundreds of weekly sale items at Whole Foods. Some stores will even give you free cash if you spend a certain amount.

Shopping Weekly Grocery Sales

Sign up for your favorite store’s weekly ads and coupons for upcoming savvy savings.  Whole Foods has prime member deals on Saturdays with $2 off whole rotisserie chickens. If you find a killer deal on protein or items you can freeze, stock up! You can also ask store associates when big sales are happening.

Saving Money on Store Brands

Opt to buy the store brand products instead of the higher-priced brands. If you bought Sprout’s brand pasta versus another name brand, you would save up to 57%!  You could upgrade to the store brands organic line and still save over competitor prices. Often times the ingredients are the same and sometimes even cleaner!

Joining a Farm Share In Your Area

Farm Shares or Community Support Agriculture (CSA) is an affordable way to get fresh, seasonal and local produce on a budget.  It costs less to grow and maintain a farm with produce that thrives in that specific climate and season. Some farms even offer delivery right to your door. Services like Harvie connect you with experienced local farmers without the middle man.

Spend Less, Save More

You can save hundreds of dollars monthly with a budget and game plan. More cost-cutting tools means more benjamins in your bank account. And with MoneyLion, you can reinvest your savings into your future through a fully managed investment account.

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