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Addressing the savings crisis

Today, roughly 70% of Americans have less than $2,000 in savings, and nearly half could not come up with $400 in an emergency. Consumers tell us they’re not very optimistic about their financial outlook and use words like “drowning” and “overwhelmed” to describe their situation.

This pervasive issue for millions of people is MoneyLion’s call to action. We have reinvented consumer finance to help people solve their immediate and ongoing problems with credit, debt, and saving. Since our launch in 2013, we have reached over 1.5 million people and provided over 200,000 better loans, and our customers have saved over $5 million through our loan rate reduction programs.

Investing in the future

Further fueling our mission, we recently secured $42 million in Series B funding led by Edison Partners and existing investors Fintech Collective and Grupo Sura, as well as new investors Greenspring Associates and Danhua Capital. We’ll use this growth funding to increase our investment in technology and continue developing products that empower all consumers to thrive.

Even though we’re a financial technology company, we’re also very much a people-focused company. Because we make all aspects of money easier and more approachable for everyone, our customers feel understood and supported as unique individuals, rather than as just another account number.

Empowering people with money for today and savings for tomorrow

Our latest innovation — MoneyLion Plus — was designed to solve one of our customers’ biggest challenges by helping them borrow at a low-rate while building their savings at the same time. A first-of-its-kind membership program, MoneyLion Plus combines better borrowing, saving, and investing. We help members set aside savings from each paycheck and invest them in a low-cost, diversified portfolio. Our goal is to help members save $2,000 in their own guided investment account within two years.

Members also get anytime access to a $500 5.99% APR loan (with no need to reapply) so they can quickly borrow at a low rate and keep their savings on track when unexpected expenses pop up. MoneyLion Plus membership costs $29 per month, but members can recoup that entire fee because we give members $1/day cashback simply for logging into the MoneyLion app.

Full speed ahead: Borrow, save, invest

With the introduction of MoneyLion Plus, MoneyLion is now also a Registered Investment Advisor. We’re leveraging best practices to offer a proven, smarter way to borrow, save, and invest, all with zero trading fees. We’re making it easy for consumers to build their savings and manage life’s surprises at a significantly lower cost. Learn more about MoneyLion Plus at

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