Plus power: For Sugar V., it’s about more than money

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We love hearing from our amazing customers as they pursue their American dreams, and we’re so honored to play a part in their journey with MoneyLion Plus (learn more: online | mobile). Hearing success stories from our customers is our dream come true.

This week, we caught up with Sugar V., a busy parent of twin toddlers! Check out the inspiring words of wisdom about generosity, patience, and financial health that Sugar shared with us.

What motivates you to take care of your finances?

My main motivation to take care of my finances is my family. My wife and I were blessed with twins in 2017. I never want them to go without, but I also want them to not know a life without healthy money management skills and knowledge.

What will you teach your children about money?

I will teach my kids the difference between a bargain and a good value. How to enjoy themselves beyond measure without going beyond their budget. The difference between a need and a want. How to pay it forward, and that generosity starts in the heart, and not the wallet.

Why did you choose MoneyLion?

I chose MoneyLion Plus because of the credit repair options. Being able to see it in the app also gives me a sense of instant gratification.

What are your goals?

My main goals right now are paying off the last four or five items that I have in collections that are all less than $2,000 each. I am also working on saving for a down payment on a house. Twins, two dogs, and two adults in a small apartment is chaotic.

What is your favorite feature of the MoneyLion app or MoneyLion Plus?

I love the app’s features overall.

Do you use the free credit monitoring tools?

Yes, I use the MoneyLion credit monitoring tools. I am very excited to see my credit start going up.

Any advice you’d give others about saving for the future?

Be patient, follow the tips, log in daily, and let the money sit.

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