The #1 financial secret from top economists

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This is the easiest, most immediately effective thing you can do to start being a greater financial success:

#1 Set up an automatic savings deposit.

If you get direct deposit from your work every pay period, great. All you have to do is set up an automatic savings deposit for that same pay period.

Yes, it’s late and it’s Friday so you can’t do much right now.

But do this first thing tomorrow if you don’t have one already: set up a savings account.

If you can, get a savings account at a separate bank from the one you currently use for everything else. (I’ll explain why in a minute).

Then, just call HR at your work as soon as possible and get your savings direct deposit paperwork in order.

From there, it’s truly a piece of cake.

Human beings are creatures of habit and expectation. So once you start funneling savings AUTOMATICALLY to a savings account, you won’t see it and you’ll start forgetting that money is even there.

As the saying goes: ‘out of sight, out of mind.’

Sort of like magic, it just disappears.

In a good way.


Start small if need be. Twenty five or fifty dollars a pay period is enough to get started. Once you start automating this process, you will learn to live without that money. In fact, you won’t even miss it. It’s amazing how quickly one adjusts to having less.

Why a separate bank? Because it makes it harder for you to just do an online transfer when your funds might dip. By having a separate account at a separate bank, your savings is just more secure. You’re basically protecting your savings from YOURSELF. And sometimes we all need that.

Ready to be a financial success?

Do this one thing as soon as possible.

You won’t regret it. You can only increase your financial well being right away – and for the long haul.

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