This is not the way your grandparents did their banking

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You probably take your ATM for granted. Most of us do. But that simple invention that arrived 30+ years ago changed everything. It was a big deal because it removed the need to interface with an actual person and made getting money easy and fast. The changes happening in banking today are just as dramatic. While you might be taking it all in stride, here are some things you might want to know.

For most people, the old way of banking leaves a lot to be desired. A recent survey found that three in five Americans say traditional banks are failing to keep up with their needs and that more than half believe traditional financial institutions will cease to exist in their current state within their lifetime.

It’s becoming quite clear that the people have spoken and technology has answered.


This is good news for your financial future.

This is where financial technology (or fintech) is making major headway with consumers, even if they aren’t aware of it.

Most people have been ready for change for a long time and are rapidly embracing the improvements in their financial experiences. Seventy-five percent of this survey’s respondents said fintech gives them more power over their finances, 65% believe fintech gives customers access to services previously available only to the wealthy, and 69% say the technology will help everyone be better off financially. Great news all around.

That said, there’s still a lot about fintech that people don’t understand. For example, most people don’t actually know what fintech means (even though they use it every day).

Do you know what fintech is?

Fintech is everywhere. An example of fintech in action is how you can pay back a friend for dinner in seconds through an app like Venmo. It’s when you pay your rent through PayPal. It’s logging into your bank or credit institution to make a deposit or a payment. Fintech touches nearly every type of financial aspect of your life today.

Imagine having to go to a bank and stand in line for every transaction you ever had to do. It would be madness, right? Think about it: that’s exactly what your grandparents did. Today, because of the genius of fintech, you can go to the Apple store and buy a new product using just your phone. You can order your morning coffee from a mobile app while riding the train to work and it’ll waiting for you when you get there.

This is just the stuff you already take for granted. So what does the future of fintech look like? It’s too huge to get into right here but there are some immediate changes you can take advantage of right now that can help you significantly.

Think about the traditional savings account and the expensive investment adviser that people have traditionally relied on. Well, they be replaced – and vastly improved – with just a few taps on your phone. If you’ve been wondering how you can save money and start investing without having to go to a bank or pay expensive fees, this is your moment.

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