Top 3 Black Friday regrets


Black Friday and Cyber Monday remorse is real. After the shopping frenzy, Americans return roughly $60 billion in merchandise to retail stores, and thrift shops see two times the normal volume of new-with-tags items for consignment.

Here’s what people buy and purge most, according to online thrift store ThredUP:

  • Jeans: 250% more pairs of brand-new jeans go up for consignment after Black Friday.
  • Trendy items: 200% more trendy items than traditional items are resold after the rush.
  • Activewear: 80% more new fleece jackets are offloaded this time of year.

We don’t even want the stuff we’re getting up at 4 a.m. to buy! This year, don’t make retailers rich. Invest in yourself instead. You’ll save money, avoid debt, and reduce stress.

An easy way to put yourself first is signing up for MoneyLion Plus. It’s a membership that gives you a 5.99% APR loan (regardless of credit), cash back and gift card rewards, and an investment account managed for you. Think of it like a gym membership, but easier and for your financial health. As a member, you’ll be able to cover unexpected expenses while growing your money to $2,000 within two years. No remorse, only (lion) pride.

Then, when everyone else is offloading brand new items in December, you can swoop in and save big money. Let their regrets be your reward.

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