Are family plans cheaper than individual plans?

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Are family plans cheaper than individual

We all know cell phone plans can get pricey, but there are ways to cut the costs. Many providers will tell you that family plans are cheaper than individual plans, but is it really that simple? It actually is! Let’s explore how a family works and how it can save you money on your cell phone bill. 

How does a family plan work?

In general, family plans are shared, meaning families will share either minutes, text messages, a data plan, or all of the above. It all depends on the cell service provider’s arrangement, but most commonly, family plans are shared. 

These plans will vary depending on your service provider. The account owner will pick a plan based on the needs of the family as well. Typically, the more lines that you create on the plan, the lower the price will be for each line.  

Do family plans save money?

The initial price of a family plan can be shocking because the overall cost will be higher than an individual plan. However, when you look at the cost per line, it is cheaper. And as you add more lines, the cost per line usually decreases, ultimately saving money for everyone on the plan. 

Can I be on a family plan with friends?

A family mobile phone plan, despite the name, doesn’t just have to be shared by family members. You can include friends on a family plan. The primary account owner can add anyone they want to add to the plan. 

However, it is important that you make sure everyone on the plan will commit to paying their portion of the bill on time. As such, only add people you can trust to your plan. If the bill is not fully paid, the responsibility will fall on the primary account holder. 

Should I get a family plan or individual line?

Consider what you need from a cell phone plan when trying to figure out if a family plan or an individual plan will work better for you. For instance, single plans will give you the flexibility to meet your individual needs and only worry about what you want from a phone plan. 

You can find a plan that accommodates your data, messages, and international travel needs. But a family plan requires all users to share the same plan, so this means that if one user needs more data than others, then the plan should be adjusted to accommodate their needs. Otherwise, they might need to cut back or get their own individual plan instead. 

How does adding lines lower your cell phone bill?

Here is an example of how a family plan can save you money as the cost per line lowers with each number of lines. 

CarrierNumber of LinesCost of a Single Line
Verizon 1 Line$80
Verizon 2 Lines$80
Verizon 3 Lines$55
Verizon 4 Lines$45 
Verizon 5 Lines$40 

What are the best family cell phone plans?

There are quite a few family mobile plans to choose from. Here are some of the most popular cell phone carriers and their monthly costs before taxes or other fees. Keep in mind that these prices don’t include any discounts. 

CarrierNumber of LinesType of Family PlanTotal Cost Per Month
AT&T 4 lines Unlimited Starter Plan $140
Sprint 4 lines Unlimited Talk and Text, 10GB of data $100
Verizon 4 lines 5G Unlimited Start$180
T-Mobile 3 lines Essentials Unlimited Plan $105
Xfinity Mobile 4 lines Unlimited $120 

Staying on the same plan can be cheaper 

Family plans are a great way for everyone involved to save money. Make sure that you are on a family plan with people you can trust to pay their portion on time. Also, it is important to tailor your accounts to the highest user. 

For example, if 1 line needs 10 GBs of data, you know that your plan can not be less than a 10GB plan. This helps to avoid overcharges or even one person using up all the data on the plan. There are ways to save money on your cell phone plans and a family mobile plan might be the best way. 


Is it cheaper to share phone plan?

It is cheaper to share a phone plan as long as everyone can agree on needs like data and other special account features.

Is it cheaper to have more people on your phone plan?

Yes, it is cheaper that more people on a phone plan.

Is it cheaper to stay on family phone plan?

In most cases, an individual plan is more expensive. Staying on a family plan makes sense unless you are constantly going over things like data and incurring excessive charges.

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