How to Get Cheap Concert Tickets: 8 Tips for Budget-Conscious Music Lovers

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How to Get Cheap Concert Tickets

Seeing your favorite artists perform live is an unbeatable experience. Live shows are also great ways to discover new artists. But ticket prices have skyrocketed in recent years, making certain shows out of reach for many consumers. If you love live music, we have hot tips on getting concert tickets on a budget.

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15 Tips to save money on concert tickets

Finding a ticket to your favorite show is one problem. Getting cheap tickets for concerts is another. Here are 15 ways to help you find cheaper concert tickets.

1. Take advantage of presale tickets

Artists and promoters will sometimes release a special code that grants access to ticket sales before they’re open to the public. That gives you a better chance of getting your hands on a ticket sold firsthand. 

Sign up for the community mailing lists for your favorite artists and the venues you’d like to visit so that you get notified for presales. You’ll raise your chances of securing a seat without paying inflated resale prices.

2. Join fan clubs 

Some artists have official fan clubs, which are free to join. The club may notify you about presale opportunities, discounts, and access to exclusive merchandise.

Fan club memberships might offer a treasure trove of perks beyond tickets, including exclusive content, meet-and-greet opportunities, and more.

3. Use deal sites

Certain apps and websites advertise discounts on all sorts of things, including concert tickets. Check platforms like Groupon, Living Social, and ScoreBig to see if they have cheap vouchers for specific concerts. Also, check for general entry to a venue you can use whenever you like.

You might find bundled deals with tickets and other perks, such as merchandise discounts or food vouchers, which offer additional savings.

4. Follow artist’s social media 

Artists and venues sometimes post discount codes or ticket giveaways on social media. They also post presale links that increase the likelihood of getting a ticket without going to a secondhand seller. 

Follow your favorite artists on social media and set up alerts for their posts so you can receive notifications about discounts. You might be surprised to find insider tips or last-minute ticket releases if you engage with artists on social media.

5. Look for credit card promotions

That plastic in your wallet is handy — credit cards offer cash back on entertainment, including concert tickets. Some give out free tickets as promotions, some provide access to special VIP experiences, and some offer discounts on venue purchases. 

Look for special offers and consider finding a card that offers perks or concierge services for concertgoers.

MoneyLion can help you explore credit card offers so you can be prepared to get  early access to concert tickets and other entertainment deals.

6. Get a package deal 

Some travel sites may bundle concert tickets with travel for a discounted price. Purchase everything as one package to save on your ticket, hotel, and flights. This is especially useful for out-of-town concerts, where travel costs can quickly increase. Look for packages with extra perks like backstage passes to get the most bang for your buck.

7. Check resale markets 

Ticket brokers like StubHub, Vivid Seats, and SeatGeek all allow people to resell their unwanted concert tickets. Sometimes, those tickets wind up extremely expensive, but other times, people just want to earn some of their money back. Resale markets can be a way to score cheap concert tickets.

Be cautious and make sure you get verified tickets to avoid scams.

8. Go on a weeknight 

Tickets for weekday shows are often cheaper than those for weekends. The early one may be cheaper if the artist has two shows at night. Plus, try to buy your tickets during the week — doing so on the weekend can be pricier

Another plus is that attending concerts on less popular nights offers a more relaxed atmosphere with fewer crowds. 

9. Avail of group discounts

Some ticket sellers offer group rates with discounted prices when you buy in bulk. Get some friends and book a whole section if you want! When you coordinate with a group, you can carpool, which is more cost-effective.

10. Use a ticket broker

Ticket brokers buy tickets en masse and then resell them at a higher rate. But sometimes, they can’t get rid of all their inventory. If they have unsold tickets and the show is coming up, legitimate brokers sometimes offer those unsold tickets at a better rate. It’s a good idea to check broker sites close to the event date for potential discounts.

11. Wait in line 

Some venues sell tickets directly at the box office, and you may have better luck there. Additionally, keep checking back in to see if extra tickets are put up for sale. That can happen when the artist, promoter, or property owner has tickets set aside that they do not need and decide to release to the public. 

12. Or snag last-minute tickets

If sellers or resellers don’t get rid of all their extra tickets, they may discount prices on last-minute tickets as the concert draws near. Don’t lose hope if you can’t get a ticket early — one may show up for you as late as the afternoon before the concert!

13. Check for lawn seats

General admission tickets or standing tickets are usually the cheapest option. This could be a great option for artists in mid-size venues, but more popular performers might not offer them.

14. Make use of special offers for students and military personnel discounts

Some sites offer discounts for military veterans, seniors, students, or other professionals. Sometimes, you may save up to 20% on your ticket. Always carry your ID and check your eligibility for special promotions.

15. Work at the venue

If you want greater access to live shows, get a job at a concert venue or bar that hosts live performances! Some venues offer free or discounted tickets to employees and volunteers. Plus, you can get a free peek at the show while working during a concert. This is a great way to work yourself into the music scene without the hefty price tag.

Have your cake and eat it too

With ticket prices soaring, your favorite artists can seem out of reach. They don’t have to be! Look around for deals, discounts, and cash-back offers to save some cash. Join fan clubs and presale parties to get concert tickets at the best rates. 

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What is the cheapest site to buy concert tickets?

Getting concert tickets firsthand is typically cheaper than resale. Ticketmaster or the venue’s website will be your most affordable option.

Do concert tickets get cheaper as the date gets closer?

Sometimes, leftover tickets will go on sale as the concert date approaches. 

Do ticket prices drop on the day of a concert?

Leftover tickets may go on sale the day of the concert. However, it’s tough to count on that since leftover tickets are not guaranteed.

Are presale tickets cheaper?

Presale tickets give you access to the original face value price of the performance. That means they’re usually cheaper than getting them secondhand.  

How do you spot a ticket scalper?

Tickets verified by legitimate ticket brokers are safe to buy. You should avoid those without verification. Extremely high prices or people selling directly outside the venue should be cautiously approached.

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