9 Flexible Ways to Make Money From Home – Parent’s Edition

make money from home

It may be up for debate, but parents have one of the hardest jobs of all time. Parents don’t get paid for their hard work in money, but getting to spend time with their kids means a lot to them. 

As rewarding as parenthood can be, it is also very time-intensive. You need to have money flowing in on a regular basis while you are home, especially with tight budgets and a lot of bills. 

In-person full-time and part-time jobs don’t offer flexible schedules that parents need, but don’t worry! Working from home is possible when you know what to do. We have created a list of the top 9 most flexible ways to make money from home for parents. 

1. Flip web domains

The internet only continues to expand and become more relevant day by day. The number of websites is on the rise, and people are garnering  a lot of views on the regular.

Flipping web domains can be very lucrative. Companies want to have their website reflect their name, and owning a popular domain name can be sold for quite the pretty penny.

Seasoned domain flippers can make hundreds of dollars per domain because they sell these domains for easy profit. That could be you! 

Tools needed: An internet connection with a computer is recommended. This will help you do the research needed to find the best possible domain to flip.

Pro tip: Finding a seasoned domain flipper to teach you how to do this will be very beneficial. The key is to seek a mentor who can help you get started. 

2. Become a social media manager

Social media is very popular right now, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. If you are good at posting on a regular basis and you excel at catching the eye of the average person, then you have a gift that will make you an amazing social media manager. 

This can be a full-time job or a part-time hustle depending on how much money you’d like to make from home. The more clients you find, the busier your schedule will be, meaning you’ll rake in even more money. The average freelancer can make about $17 an hour as a social media manager.

Tools needed: Internet connection.

Pro tip: Landing the first client is always the hardest. Once you prove yourself, then finding more clients will be a lot easier from then on.

3. Work as a scopist

Work for yourself as a scopist and create the final transcripts of trials, depositions, and other legal proceedings. As a scopist, you will compile and create the final written copy of these very important proceedings.

Tools needed: An internet connection and the ability to understand legal jargon.

Pro tip: There are multiple courses out there that can train you on becoming a scopist.

4. Generate website leads 

Finding a client is one of the hardest jobs for a business. Become the middleman and get companies to pay you for finding clients for them.

Creating a lead generation business is ideal. You can start from anywhere in the world. It’s a great way to bring in extra monthly income.

Tools needed: Internet connection and a phone to contact others.

Pro tip: Many have stated that it is best to complete a lead generation training course. There are people who’ve figured out how to generate leads all by themselves because of trial and error. Learn from them by taking their courses! 

5. Meal prep

Did you know that people are willing to pay $12 per serving for someone to meal prep for them? Imagine if you prepared five of the same meals for five different people. Meal prepping for other people can seriously increase your overall income.

Tools needed: A kitchen. Good meals that last in the fridge for at least a week.

Pro tip: Prepare the same meal for multiple clients. It will require much less cooking on your end. Time is money.

6. Build websites

Ecommerce companies are popping up all over the place. They will most likely continue to rise as time goes on, too, seeing as COVID-19 didn’t help brick and mortar stores by any means. 

Become a professional with WordPress and watch the money flow your way. Businessmen and women may have a great idea for a new company, but they likely don’t have the skill or the time to create a website. 

So, put it together for them! The best website builders can make upwards of $80 an hour. 

Tools needed: An internet connection and a method to market your service.

Pro tip: Go after a specific niche. You will have more success if you find a small niche. Being too broad is overwhelming, so the more specific you can be, the better!

7. Record voiceovers

Has anyone ever told you that you have a unique voice? Use it to your advantage. You never know… You might just be the next voice of  National Geographic.

Businesses are still looking for people to fill this role. The average voiceover artist can make around $100 an hour. This is also a great gig if you do not want to commit to a recurring job. Read more about these jobs here.

Tools needed: A microphone and a computer.

Pro tip: It never hurts to have an accent. Or at least pretend that you have an accent.

8. Join the Amazon Fulfilment Program (FBA)

If you spend too much money on Amazon, it’s time for you to learn more about the Amazon Fulfilment Program. Amazon FBA is when you become a seller on Amazon. All you do is send products to one of Amazon’s warehouses, and Amazon employers take care of the rest for you! 

People have become millionaires from Amazon FBA. It does not hurt to give it a try. 

Tools needed: Internet access and products that you want to sell on Amazon.

Pro tip: Start researching products. You will only perform as well as your product sells.

9. Start dropshipping

Dropshipping is the next best thing after Amazon FBA. There are only a few upfront costs, but they are minimal. You will not have to buy any products, either. The warehouse operators or manufacturers will send products directly to the customer so you don’t have to deal with packaging, processing, or delivering your sold items. 

All you have to do is market the product properly. And just like Amazon FBA, there have been many people who have made fortunes by doing dropshipping.

Tools needed: A computer with internet access and the ability to market your product efficiently.

Pro tip: Put yourself into the buyer’s shoes. Why would they buy your product over someone else’s?

Ways to make money from home for parents

Finding the best side gig can be hard, but you just have to go for it. There is so much money out there waiting to be earned. Parents are true champions, and they deserve the world, so give it a shot and let yourself create the life that you’ve always dreamed of by starting a side gig.

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