How Much Do Handy Cleaners Make?

how much do handy cleaners make

Have you ever considered applying for a side job to bring in additional income? You are not alone. It is estimated that 34% of Americans have a side job. While you can turn just about anything into a side gig, online side hustles have recently become more and more appealing to many people because they are easy to apply for and begin. For example, Handy is a great way to make money online

What’s included in a Handy house cleaning?

According to a survey conducted by Arm & Hammer, the average American parent spends 23 hours and 36 minutes on cleaning tasks and housework duties per month. For many, time is priceless, and a lot of people are willing to pay someone to do their household chores. 

Does that sound like something you could do? If so, a job as a Handy house cleaner might be exactly what you’re looking for in a side hustle. Handy House is an independent contracting agency that connects you directly with customers who need your services. 

If you want to work for Handy House Cleaning, it is important that you have previous paid experience as a cleaner. As a company, Handy prioritizes reliability and takes great customer service very seriously. They have a Handy Happiness Guarantee for their customers, meaning that their number one goal is to make sure their customers are happy. 

The basic expectations of Handy cleaners will depend on which part of the house the customer wants Handy to clean. For bedrooms and living rooms, tasks like dusting, taking out the trash, and cleaning the surface of any floors or countertops are to be expected.

When it comes to bathrooms and kitchens, you can anticipate similar job expectations in addition to things like cleaning the bathtub, sanitizing the toilet, scrubbing the shower, emptying the sink, and loading the dishwasher, among other tasks. But don’t worry! Taking care of mold or removing deep stains are not currently on the list of responsibilities for Handy house cleaners. 

Handy professional requirements 

  •  Must be at least 18 years old or older 
  •  Current authorization to work in the country you’re applying to work in 
  •  Must have excellent customer service skills
  •  Background check required to check for offenses dating back seven years 
  •  Updated verification of credentials 
  •  Must have either an Apple or Android smartphone 

Create your own schedule

One of the best parts about a side job is flexibility. Handy is open for service from 7 am to 11 pm. It’s totally possible to work for Handy because the company offers the benefit of a flexible schedule. By using the Handy cleaning app, you can create your own schedule and choose how often you want to work. 

You can upload your work schedule to the app if it helps you stay on top of your upcoming jobs, or you can also just pick up jobs here and there if that works better for you. If you choose to keep your schedule open or allow customers to select the Instant Book option, then you will get to be one of the first people in your area to select and accept jobs that suit your personal availability. This makes it possible for you to pick up as many cleaning jobs as possible. 

With Handy, you are always in control of your own schedule, and you can change your availability whenever necessary from within the Handy app. Keep in mind that there are certain limits to changing your schedule, mostly once a job is booked. As long as you stay on top of the times in which you are scheduled and make it to your time slot on time, you should be good to go. 

Handy pay rate

According to their website, Handy pays cleaners up to $22 per hour. This is great news! Now, before you book a job with Handy, you’ll already know the rate, which makes it possible for you to plan accordingly and get the most out of your efforts. 

When you agree to take on a job, the price listed next to the job description is how much you would make per hour. The rates vary based on region. For example, a job in Los Angeles will pay differently than a job in Miami. 

In addition, places like Los Angeles and New York have tiered rates. These rates are based on how many jobs you book in a month, your overall rating, and where the job is located.  

How long does it take to get paid from Handy?

The pay structure from Handy is impressive when it comes to getting paid quickly. The app will tally your jobs for the week, with a week meaning Monday through Sunday. From there, weekly payments are issued to your bank. 

The payment will include your tips but fees will also be deducted, so what you receive in your bank account is all yours at that point. Just remember to put aside money for taxes since you’re working as an independent contractor. 

Payments are typically issued the week after you complete each job. There is an option to cash out your money immediately by selecting the Cash Out option. Then, you’ll have your money in about 1-3 business days. 

When Monday rolls around, you won’t be able to cash out your jobs from the previous week. You must select the Cash Out option within the same week of the completed jobs. Also, you must have received at least $50 from a previous job before you can start cashing out.  

There is typically a fee associated with the Cash Out option, but because of the pandemic, Handy has waived the fee associated with this convenient way to get paid for the time being. This can all be done through the Handy cleaner app. 

How much does Handy keep?

So, we’ve mentioned fees, but what exactly are they? Handy has a Handy Happiness Guarantee, meaning the company takes customer service very seriously. There are a few fees incorporated into every job as a way of ensuring that your customers have a great experience. 

For starters, late cancellation fees apply if the job is canceled. If you cancel a job you’ve accepted within 24 to 48 hours, the fee for canceling is $10. However, if you cancel your job within four hours before you’re supposed to be there, you’re looking at a fee of $40. 

If your cancellation is somewhere in the middle and you cancel anywhere from four to twenty-four hours before the job is set to start, then your cancellation fee is $20. There is also a fee if you miss a job completely. The missed job fee is $50. 

Also, if you arrive at a job late or you leave a job early, you will be charged a fee of $15. These fees all align with Handy’s goal of providing excellent customer service to their customers, and it shows how serious they take professionalism. 

Expenses to consider 

Though the fees can be avoided, it is important to remember that life happens, and canceling a job should be considered an expense that comes with being a Handy cleaner. It is also important to remember that customers expect you to come to the job with your own cleaning supplies. 

This is an expense that you will want to think about and budget for when booking your jobs. Also, be sure to consider your smartphone as an expense since you will use it on the job. All of your jobs will be booked through the Handy app, and you can even use it to get directions to your job or contact your customer. 

This means having a reliable phone is a must in order to stay active on the app and get as many jobs as possible. Finally, keep in mind that you will be driving around to different jobs. 

Wear and tear will naturally happen to your vehicle, and you’ll also want to consider the gas expenses that driving so much will require. Keep these details in mind when you’re trying to decide whether or not to join the Handy team. 

Become a Handy cleaner in 4 quick steps

Does this sound like something that you want to do? Great! The process of signing up and getting started with Handy is easy. 

Step 1: Apply to Work at Handy 

Complete the application at Handy. Once your application is complete, someone from Handy will contact you when they’re ready to proceed to the next step. The application process is quick, taking most people only about five minutes to complete. 

Step 2: Complete the Background Check 

Once your application is approved, you will be asked to complete a background check. The number one thing you’ll need is a government-issued identification card. 

Step 3: Follow Through with Online Orientation

Complete online orientation. It will take about 20 minutes from beginning to end, and it can be done on your smartphone. Orientation is a series of short videos that prepare you for what to expect from Handy. 

Step 4: Create an Account on the App

Gain access to the app. Once you’ve completed orientation, you will be granted access to the app and you can begin working. That’s it! 

Work from your phone

Handy is a great way to get paid while cleaning houses, and getting started can all be done directly from your smartphone. Combine a job like this with one of the popular grocery delivery service jobs, and you’ll get the freedom of working when you’d like. 

Handy makes it easy to work, but you will have to uphold the Handy Happiness Guarantee. Do your part to ensure that as a Handy cleaner, you show up to your job on time. It’s a great way to bring in some supplemental income.

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What’s stopping you? The app is so convenient that staying up-to-date with your investment accounts is easy. Together, both the Handy app and the MoneyLion app are great ways to work from your phone. 

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