Market update: Tariff turbulence

This week, Wall Street has been on edge due to speculation about possible tariffs and a global trade war. The broad diversification and long-term approach of your Plus portfolio is designed to help cushion you from some of the fluctuations that this recent market volatility may cause.

Plus investors are globally diversified

As a Plus member, your fully guided investment account is invested in thousands of U.S. and foreign stocks and bonds through your four Vanguard ETFs — so you’re diversified across countries, sectors, and company sizes. If certain regions or industries experience a downturn due to new trading policies, your portfolio is designed to be diversified enough to ideally obtain gains in other areas (although this is not guaranteed).

Also, your Plus portfolio is rebalanced every 30 days to keep your allocations aligned to your personalized goals even as individual investment prices rise and fall.

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Understanding tariff and trade war talk

A tariff is simply a tax imposed on imported goods. It’s meant to encourage consumers to buy their home country’s products by making imported products more expensive. But there’s also potential that tariffs can lead to a “global trade war” as countries get caught in a cycle of retaliation. You taxed us? Then we’ll tax you! And back and forth it goes.

Some of the week’s speculation came to a rest on Thursday, when Trump announced he would impose a 25% tariff on steel imports and a 10% tariff on aluminum imports, but would exempt Mexico and Canada and potentially other countries too. Investors seemed relieved by the exemptions, and stocks finished the day higher. Ironically, though, some have speculated that these tariffs may actually hurt U.S. producers by removing access to cheap materials, thereby increasing the costs of production.

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In other news: Bitcoin is back in the headlines. This week, the notoriously unpredictable Bitcoin jumped back into the spotlight when it lost 18% of its value. Read more about our Bitcoin concerns in our cryptocurrency blog post.

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